Regent Street businessman shot, robbed

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Pooran Ramotar’s injured left foot

A Regent Street pawn shop manager was shot and robbed of cash and jewellery Friday afternoon moments after he closed his doors for the day.

Thirty-year old Pooran Ramotar of Bourda Pawn Shop sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg at the hands of one of the perpetrators he described as a teenager.

The lone gun-toting bandit grabbed a bag containing GUY$200,000 cash, GUY$75,000 in gold jewellery and several keys including those to a vault. from Ramotar after he shot him.

He recalled that about 4:05 PM, he had just closed the door to his business located on Regent Street just west of Cummings Street when a youngster went up to him and demanded the bag. “He say pass d bag. I she ‘wah bag? Who you talking to’ and the man crank the gun and aim to meh foot,” said Ramotar.

The businessman said that since taking over the business about one year ago, he had applied for a gun licence but was refused.

There appears to be an escalating incidence of robberies with the use of handguns.