GPL sheds light on weekend outages

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

The Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) says the power outages experienced thorughout the weekend were as a result of malfunctioning equipment. 

Below is a release issued by the company on Monday.

“December 22, 2013, Georgetown, Guyana: GPL wishes to advise our customers that the outages experienced on Saturday December 21, 2013, commencing at 14:10 hours, were the result of a series of faults occurring on the F4 feeder emanating from our Kingston 2 generating station, coupled with the tripping of one of two station service transformers at that station. After restarting the system, this feeder was reclosed around 14:34 hours after waiting for any reports of fallen poles and other unusual occurrences, as is standard procedure. However, it tripped again and checking of the lines revealed a burnt cable lug on the feeder pothead at Kingston. Repairs were completed at approximately 17:10 hours. On closing at 17:21 hours, it again tripped and a burnt jumper connection on the line was found at Water and Barrack Streets. After repairing and reclosing the feeder at 18:15 hours, it again tripped and crews found the lines entangled at Main and New Market Streets. The feeder was finally reclosed at 18:35 hours.

Repowering of areas commenced 14:22 hours with areas from Kingston along Water Street, Brickdam, Princes Street, Louisa Row, Sussex Street, to Agricola.

The station service transformer that was tripping has been isolated, and technicians are carrying out detailed checks.

The outages experienced on Sunday December 22, 2013, commencing approximately 12:15 hours, were as a result of a shutdown of our Demerara Interconnected System. This was caused by a stuck starting air valve on a cylinder of the No.3 generating set at our Kingston 2 generating station, leading to a drop in the common control air pressure system and consequent shutdown of the fuel pumps to all of the machines.  With the loss of this, the largest station (36 MW) in our system, all other stations would become overloaded and shut down.  All areas in Georgetown/Greater Georgetown, the East Coast, East Bank, West Bank, and West Coast Demerara were affected.

Repowering of areas commenced 12:19 hours with small areas between Sophia and Good Hope.  The last areas between Good Hope, Industry, Success, and Lusignan were repowered at 13:40 hours.

GPL sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused, and wishes to advise that GPL’s technicians, line crews, and contractors are working continually to keep our system running.”