To Freedom House

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Dear Freedom House:

I am anti-corruption, anti-abuse, anti-violence and many other things. I am not anti-government nor anti-PPP. I am not pro-government or pro-PPP either so do not get your hopes up. However, I am pro-truth and you do not intimidate me.

On this note then, I think it’s time we had a talk because it seems that my peers are either too afraid or too blind or too pro-PPP to tell you the truth. Now, do not mistake my frankness for anger. Consider yourself lucky that there are still a few of us who are willing to tell it to you like it is.

Perhaps, you’ve guessed that this is about your infamous press statement issued on December 10, 2013. In order to ensure that there is no miscommunication between us we shall tackle this in several parts. Of course, you will recognize that the highlighted bits are quoted sections of that press statement. Immediately below that, you shall find my response. So let us proceed.

“The meeting commenced with a minute’s silence in honour of the passing of World icon, Former South African President Nelson Mandela.”

I was particularly irked by this, Freedom House, because I believe that you have lost sight of what this man fought for. You’ll want to chew on this because I intend to speak to you about it in more detail soon.

“The discussions at the Central Committee meeting centered around two presentations-the General Secretary’s Report delivered by Mr. Clement Rohee and a Report by Dr. Roger Luncheon on the local economy and the international situation.”

Mr. Rohee and Dr. Luncheon…I have nothing to say to you on this score just yet. But, expect it.

“The Central Committee examined the implementation of various aspects of its political strategy and concluded it was sufficiently in a state of readiness for either local government and national and regional elections.”

So you’ve concluded that these various aspects of your political strategy are sufficiently ready? Well, rest assured because so am I. If you’ve heard about me and my blog you’ll know that I’ve been harping about the race based political machinery that has handicapped the Guyanese psyche. So yes, last I checked most Guyanese are still in a state of unconsciousness, their bellies are full on that grassroots politics and their mouths are well muzzled. Sadly, Freedom House, your political strategy remains safe.

“Full scale discussions on the continuous efforts of the PPP to reconnect and strengthen its links with the working people also featured prominently…”

Freedom House, I am genuinely curious about the answer to this question: do you actually mean that you will reconnect and strengthen your links with the sugar workers and the rice farming communities? Because, if no one has told you yet, allow me to inform you that it is not connection or links with the working class that causes some of them to vote for you. It is the fear generated by that race based political machinery I told you about. Nevertheless, good luck in your endeavors.

“The Party will give greater attention and supervision to the Progressive Youth Organisation…”

Is the need to shower the PYO with greater attention recognition of the fact that you are losing the most intellectually promising young people? Freedom House, I’ve been talking to some of your PYO members and they’re not as clueless as you think. In fact, some of them remain intellectually docile because they really just want proper professional opportunities in another decade.

Also, part of why they remain docile is so that you won’t kick them out of the PYO and deny them the chance of enjoying a materially comfortable life. You see, rumour has it that PYO does not encourage liberal thinkers or thinkers that display some amount of independence and desire for reform. Why do I tell you this? I want you to know that these young people are not sheep; they are wolves waiting for a single voice to free them. I hope you understand the explosive nature of this situation.

“…a decision was taken to work towards the creation of a broad left, progressive, democratic and nationalist Front, comprising of representatives of all sections of the working people, farmers, intellectuals, professionals, the business community, NGOs and all Guyanese who share a common vision of the National Democratic Choice.”

I look forward to a progress report on this. So Freedom House, be sure to let me know how it goes. Also, I am very, very interested in National Democratic Choice. However, I am interested in the authentic sort of National Democratic Choice, not the sort that is manipulated by the traditional political machinery and fear. And some free advice, you’ll want to work harder on sending out those leftist vibes.

“The Central Committee condemned the unsubstantiated attacks against the Party and Government by the combined opposition aided and abetted by a hostile opposition media.”

An attack is not defined as the act of speaking truth, Freedom House. Further, where is your evidence that this truth speaking is unsubstantiated? But let’s go out on a limb here and suppose for a moment that you are being attacked then perhaps you’d like to cite specific examples for me? So then I can ask the alleged attackers to provide their evidence. Come, Freedom House, let us tackle this thing head on.

Further, I wish to point out to you that the universe is a place of symmetry where one state of existence dictates another and opposite state of existence. Hence, if such a thing as a hostile opposition media exists then the laws of the universe, and not me, dictate that a friendly government media exists. Don’t you agree Freedom House? I’ll let you think about the implications here and I promise to write about this too.

“It was the resolve of the party leadership to adopt a more aggressive strategy to continually expose and dismantle the obstructionist agenda of the opposition media.”

Now Freedom House, you’ll want to be more specific about what you mean by “aggressive strategy”. It seems to me that you’re the one planning an attack here. Are you? And do you realize that the men and women of this so called opposition media are Guyanese? Are you threatening your own people? The same working people you have so passionately declared that you will create links and connections with?

Look Freedom House, I know all of this is quite an earful but you and I are only beginning our conversation. For now, all you need to know is that my name is Sara Bharrat, and I don’t believe what people say about you, I don’t believe that you are a thing to be feared. Oh and before you attempt to “aggressively” deal with me too know that I am not pro-APNU or pro-AFC or anything of the sort.

I am just a Guyanese and I stand for truth, for my people and my country.

For all of our people,
Sara Bharrat.