US remigrant’s home destroyed by fire, seven homeless

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

A re-migrant from the United States (US) on Wednesday lost his house in a fire after spending much of his earnings and pension to build it, relatives said.

Seven persons-including four adults and three children-are now homeless as a result of the blaze that gutted the concrete house at 455 Section A , Field 14, South Liliendaal.

The pensioner only known as Mr. Scott, said to be in his 70s, said he built the house with his pension from the US where he had lived and worked for several years.

Among those homeless are his nine year old son, common-law wife, and his eldest daughter with her grandchildren.

Occupants believed that blaze which began in the roof might have been caused by an electrical fault as there were several power surges in the area hours before.