Cliff Anderson Sports Hall also an abbatoir

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The chevon after the goats were slaughtered

Several goats were slaughtered at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue, causing several children who were there for the National Schools Table Tennis Championships to be traumatised, according to a usually reliable eyewitness.

Killing of the goats was seen about 2:30 PM Monday. The meat was later transported in a vehicle bearing registration number PGG 9139.

The eyewitness said the Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar and President of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) were on the premises at the time of the goats were being slaughtered

“While we were at the sports hall for the schools tennis tourney, some people were killing goats in a room. The horrifying sound from the animals while being killed went on for a while. At least three animals were killed,” said the eyewitness who was there with her son.

The mother observed that the slaughter had a negative effect on the children and most parents there.

Sources learnt that the killing of goats there might be a regular activity with the knowledge of the person in charge of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Efforts were made by an official of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to locate a Citizen Reporter who had photographed the activity. Another parent had tried to contact the Meat and Food Inspectorate of the Mayor and City Council but with little success.

The parent expressed disgust that the killing of the animals was being done without consideration for the event taking place at the Hall and its effect on participants. “Further I don’t have to mention the smell we were forced to endure while waiting on our children,” said the concerned parent.

The goats were killed just off the stands in the north east corner of the building in full view of persons who were sitting there. The meat was then slung on hooks before it was taken to the vehicle.

“Poor goats were in agony! It sounded as if they were chopping off parts before killing them,” added the parents.