Third suspected bandit dies in hospital; father demands private autopsy

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

Mario Gouveia (Kaieteur News photo)

The third suspected bandit, who was shot by police last weekend, died on Monday in hospital where he had been recovering from a bullet wound to his right jaw.

Nineteen year old Mario Gouveia of James Street, Albouystown died about 10:15 AM in the Male Surgical Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital. That brings to three the number of persons who have died following last Saturday night’s shootout with police.

The incident occurred on South Road near K&VC Hotel.  His father, Donald Gouveia, suggested that Mario was killed because he was the lone witness of the events that transpired. “It was an execution. Those guys weren’t on any robbery or anything and he was speaking out so they silence everybody who is alive,” said Gouveia, senior. Hours after Mario was shot, he had accused the police of deliberatly shooting him without just cause.

Gouveia is already demanding a private autopsy and a toxicology test to find out the true cause of his son’s death. “I feel very bad because we spoke to him a healthy man. We need to get an investigation.”

He said he spent Saturday night and most of Sunday at his son’s bedside but he alleged that he was ordered to leave the ward and threatened to be locked up if he had refused to comply.

This is not the first time in recent years that key suspects or witnesses have died while in a ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. The others are Mark “Kezorkee” Thomas who died in February 2004. He was accused of the murder of George Bacchus who had fingered a senior government official at the time as playing a major role in an alleged state-sponsored death squad. An autopsy could not determine the cause of death samples were sent overseas for testing. More recently, Canadian Jean Le Blanc died on October 26, 2012 eleven days after he was shot in his buttocks at the same time that suspected drug lord, Ricardo Rodrigues was gunned down at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC).

While Gouveia’s father said his son was not involved in a robbery at the time he was shot, police said the youth and two others opened fire on police when they were confronted moments before they were about to rob an occupant of K&VC Hotel. ermaine Canterbury called “Chow”, 21 years, of Hogg Street, Albouystown; and Mark Anthony Joseph called “Two Grand”, 19 years, also of Hogg Street, Albouystown, were fatally shot.

Two unlicensed guns-one .32 revolver with two live rounds and one spent shell, and one .38 snub-nose revolver with three live rounds and three spent shells- were recovered along with a wig that one of the men was wearing at the time.

Canterbury was released from prison on March 27, 2012, on bail in the sum of $100,000.00, after being charged with robbery under arms committed on Rajendra Singh of First Choice Jewellery Store and Pawn Shop during May 2010.
Joseph was released from prison on January 22, 2013, on bail in the sum of $150,000.00, after being charged with robbery under arms committed on Andrew Yaw in December 2012.
Gouveia was granted pre-trial liberty on May 6, 2013 when he was granted on bail in the sum of $200,000.00, after being charged with robbery under arms committed on Cecil Gajadhar on March 25, 2013.