Berbice electricity back to normal-GPL

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Electricity supply to residents in Berbice was Wednesday evening expected to return to normalcy as technical teams continue to work assiduously to complete repairs to the two damaged raw water pumps at GPL’s pump house at Canefield Power Station, the power company said in a statement.
Repair to one of the damaged pumps has been completed thus enabling one of the two Mirrlees Diesel generators to become fully functional since last night. However, work is progressing on schedule and the second generator is expected to be operational by this evening.

The quality of electricity supplied to residents in Berbice was affected by GPL’s inability to supply 9MW demanded by the Region due to extensive structural damage caused by an ocean going vessel that slammed into the Company’s pump house at Canefield Power Station resulting in damage to the raw water pumps that provide cooling water for the two Mirrlees Diesel Generators, GPL said.

The Company said it aplogised for the inconvenience caused, and thanks all customers for their tolerance during the period of disruption of electricity supply; at the same time GPL is urging persons utilizing the waterways along the Canje River to be vigilant so as to avoid future accidents.