Update 2: Gunmen escape dragnet at Montrose

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Three suspected bandits Tuesday night appeared to have escaped a dragnet at Montrose after robbing a taxi service owner on the East Coast Demerara where they were initially holed up in a house, according to sources.;

Police said that about 8:15 Tuesday night, the three men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, barged into Shamo’s Taxi Service at Montrose Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara.

They held up two taxi-drivers and the two daughters of the business owner, Yogeeta Narine and Dhanmattie Narine, and took away a total of some $500,000.00, a quantity of jewellery and 3 cell phones, police force spokesman, Ivelaw Whittaker said in a statement.

During the robbery neighbouring residents alerted the police who responded promptly but the men had escaped.

“Upon arrival at the scene the police were informed that the perpetrators were still in the building and holding one of the females hostage.

The police proceeded to tactically cordon and enter the building, but found that the men had already fled the scene,” police said.

The Guyana Police Force denied that police discharged warning shots or there was an exchange of gunfire with the perpetrators.