Family, police differ on Mabaruma man’s cause of death

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Fabian Jocinto

Relatives of a 53 year old Mabaruma man whose body was fished out of a pond last weekend are calling on the authorities to investigate the man’s ‘unnatural’ death because they believe he was killed.

Reports are that Fabian Jocinto’s body was discovered in the Mabaruma Settlement area last week by persons who were searching for him. The man’s body was taken to the hospital in the area and several days later, a post-mortem examination showed that he died by drowning.

But relatives are adamant that the man was murdered by a young man and his friend both of whom have since vanished from the area. Deputy Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud said if the autopsy did not reveal that the death was suspicious, it would be difficult for investigators to move forward. “If the post mortem was done and the doctor had seen anything suspicious, I would have known. If the doctor hasn’t seen anything suspicious, then we have no reason to suspect foul play,” said the Chief of Criminal Investigations.

aThey stated that when the deceased was found there were several cuts and bruises about his body while his hands appeared to have been broken. It was noted that hours before he died, Jocinto had seen two young men, one of whom is referred to as “Pluto” breaking into a shop owned by the Rampersauds.

The men then threatened him and several hours later, he could not be located.
The man’s niece said that the police appeared reluctant to investigate the matter further, and they have since called on the Amerindian Affairs Ministry to address the issue. It was noted that several persons had reported the matter to the police at Mabaruma but the lawmen noted that a close relative has to lodge a report.

Persons at Mabaruma said today that if the incident had occurred on the coastland the outcome would have been different. Jocinto was buried last Thursday, several days after he died as relatives tried their utmost to have a second autopsy  performed on his body.