Canada opens visa application centre in Guyana

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Canada’s High Commission in Guyana (photo from Kalyan’s space )

Canada on Monday announced the opening of a new visa application centre (VAC) in Georgetown to make the process of applying for a visa to enter Canada easier and more convenient.

The High Commission, however, pointed out that the centre  will not decide whether applicants will be granted visas.

“It is important to note that VACs are not involved in the decision making process and are not authorized to provide applicants with advice about their visas,” the High Commission said in a statement.

Canada several years ago shifted its visa processing operations to Trinidad after a racket was uncovered here.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is expanding its VAC network around the world to provide valuable administrative support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident application is assessed by a CIC immigration officer.

The High Commission said VAC service agents are available by phone, email or in person to answer questions and to make sure that applications are complete. This helps avoid unnecessary delays or refusals due to incomplete applications.

For an additional fee, VACs also offer other services, including photocopies, application photographs and self-service computer terminals for those wishing to take advantage of the new online applications.  

Anyone wishing to apply for a visitor visa, study permit, work permit or permanent resident travel document is encouraged to use the new Georgetown VAC located at:  
107 Duke Street, Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana

The Government of Canada plans to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth by attracting an increasing number of visitors and international students as well as skilled temporary foreign workers and immigrants that best respond to current and future labour market needs. “For this reason, CIC strives to issue visas and permits as quickly as possible to facilitate travel for immigrants, visitors and students,” the High Commission added.