Body of missing man recovered from city canal

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

The partly submerged body of Jules Walker when it was spotted on Saturday.

The body of a 33-year old man was Sunday recovered from near the Lombard Street koker, a day after he might have been beaten by several men.

He has been identified as Jules Walker of 7 Ogle Front, East Coast Demerara. Investigators said marks of violence were seen on what was described as a “fresh body”.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.  

DemWaves was told that although the body was seen in the Princess Street canal on Saturday, it was not retrieved then.  His sister and her workmates, however, became increasingly worried on Sunday and feared the worst after they read about a body having been seen in the waterway on Saturday. Checks with police and Lyken Funeral Home turned up empty handed.

A senior official of Toucan Industries, where Walker’s sister works, sought the assistance of the Guyana Fire Service and a man in the area to drain a section of the canal and dive in other areas in their quest to locate the body.

His sister reportedly said she returned home Friday and did not see him.

Walker, said to be retarded, was last seen at White Castle Fish Shop Friday night in the company of three men.

A guard on Princess Street reportedly told associates of the dead man that he heard loud screams around 3 AM Friday and saw three young men running down the street.

His sister was able to track down one of the youths who was  seen wearing her brother’s watch which she took away. He said that Walker had given him the ‘time-piece’. The watch has been lodged with police who are now looking for the youth who had been wearing it.

Walker, according to family-friends, usually followed a musical band wherever it played and “he would sit and listen to the music.”