Matthew’s Ridge air crash: ASL awaiting compensation claims

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Air Services Limited (ASL) on Tuesday said compensation for injuries and losses could be processed only if passengers submit claims to be forwarded to the domestic carrier’s insurers.

ASL’s Personnel Manager, Umadat Singh `could not immediately say if the GUY$3.6 million spent on medical and incidental expenses and transportation costs would be taken into consideration by insurers when adding up compensation demands.

After two meetings with the 12 passengers, who were victims of the July 15 crash of the one-engine Cessna Caravan at Matthew’s Ridge, Singh said several of them have not returned with their claims.

“After we collect that data, that data will be sent to our insurers who will then have a look at it and then we’ll have discussions and when we come to a decision we will communicate that to the passengers,” Singh told Demerara Waves Online News (

He said ASL was also covering expenses for required follow-up treatment.

The airline said that all 12 passengers are now out of hospital and management has been staying in contact with them.

Esther Williams from Baramita and Urmella Rajesh from Berbice both of whom underwent surgery for fractured facial bones were the last two passengers to be discharged from the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital last Saturday. They are scheduled for a follow-up visit this Thursday, 25 July 2013 with Dr. Abalberto Fernandes. They are staying with relatives in Mocha, EBD and Enmore, ECD respectively.

The airline detailed the status of the following persons: Aloma Massay, who sustained injury to right leg, and Lloyd Thomas, with main injuries to right shoulder, wrist and forehead,  and Ulan Benjamin, who sustained hip injury,  were sent home last Thursday.

Dexter Benjamin who suffered lacerations on the lower right eye-lid was discharged from the Balwant Singh Hospital on Wednesday 17th July.

Five other passengers – Naline Dellon, Wesley Johnson, Troy Henry, Clifton Campbell and Sheldon Williams – were treated and discharged from Woodlands Hospital on the same day of the crash.

The remaining passenger Christina Mangru opted to travel out with ASL from Mathews Ridge the day after the crash, 16th July and was seen and discharged from Woodlands Hospital on the same day.    

ASL thanked all passengers for their patience and understanding. Any queries can be addressed to ASL’s Personnel Manager Mr. Umadat Singh, (ASL, Ogle Airport Tel: 222-1234) who has been interfacing with passengers and their families.