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Absent man sentenced for larceny, wounding

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

A man, who went ‘missing in action’ during the time of his trial at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

According to reports, on April 15 2013, Steve Mohan made his first court appearance, facing the charges of unlawful wounding and breaking and entering with larceny.

The allegation against Mohan is that on March 11 2013, he wounded Clifford Ifill, thereby causing actual bodily harm. The second charge read that on the same date, he broke and entered the dwelling house of Ifill- the Virtual Complainant (VC)- at 114 Amla Avenue, Prashad Nagar and stole five cellular phones, valued at $58,000 and belonging to the VC.
The defendant, at the time of appearance, pleaded not guilty to both counts and was granted $25,000 bail for each. The matter was adjourned until July 8; when he appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman for the commencement of his trial.

Demwaves understands that the defendant made an appearance then and on the following day (July 9), but went mystic after the matter was adjourned for the third time. As a result, an ex parte trial was carried out in the defendant’s absence and the sentence handed down.

The facts, read by prosecutor Renetta Bentham at the first calling of the matter, stated that on the day in question, at around 9:30 AM, the VC upon returning home saw a bicycle in his yard and went to inquire about its presence there. As the VC entered his yard he found the defendant, who was carrying a bag on his back, exiting the house through the VC’s front door. The facts read that the VC then held on to the defendant and took him back into the house to see if anything had been stolen. The court heard that Mohan opened the bag, under the pretence of showing its contents to Ifill, and took out a knife, which he used to stab the VC in the abdomen. As a result, a scuffle ensued during which the VC received several cuts to his hands, resulting in his bleeding profusely. The facts stated that due to the bleeding, the VC grew weak and the defendant managed to escape. The wounded Ifill then reported the matter and the defendant was later apprehended at the Central Immigration and Passport Office where it was perceived that he was planning on fleeing the jurisdiction.

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