Work begins on improving Bartica’s water quality

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

The Guyana Water Incorporated on Thursday said it has commenced a programme to improve the water service provided to GWI customers of Bartica. 

The enhancement programme to improve the level of service and quality of water commenced  in June 2013; this programme consists of the construction of a 500 cubic meter storage tank valued in excess of G$50 Million, the upgrade of service connections and installation of water meters which are valued in excess of G$30 Million.  

According to GWI Project Manager, David Merell, the storage facility will have the capacity to store larger quantities of water and hence improve the level of service provided to customers.  It is expected that upon completion of the improvement programme, customers of Bartica will benefit from extended hours of water service due to the larger storage facility.  

In addition, GWI will upgrade water service connections across Bartica which will result in further improvements in the level of service and quality of water provided to customers.  

A significant portion of the water that is supplied is consistently being wasted by customers and this continues to be the key factor that is causing the level of service to fluctuate. The company has warned customers of Potaro Road, West Indian Housing Scheme and the Bybarobo area about their continued wastage.  

Further, the installation of meters has received some resistance from customers; this component is aimed at reducing wastage in order to make more water available for customers.  GWI has issued notices to customers and continues to appeal for their cooperation as metering is critical to curbing wastage and improving levels of service.    

All components of the Bartica Water Improvement Programme are being executed by contractor Alvin Chowramootoo Construction Services.  

The water utility has commenced an awareness programme aimed at informing customers about the improvements expected upon completion of the programme; this included an appearance on a live television show on Sunday June 16.  Television advisories providing details of the programme will commence in July.  

The improvement of the quality of water which GWI provides to customers of Bartica remains at the forefront of the company’s objectives.   

Customers with questions can contact GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701, email or post via GWI’s Facebook fan-page at