T&T vessel shot at in Guyana, captain refuses drug transport

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS)A TRINIDAD and Tobago cargo vessel was shot at on Friday night and forced to leave Guyana after the captain allegedly refused to transport drugs into this country, Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Kirk Jean-Baptiste said yesterday.

According to reports, the Adorra travelled to Guyana last month with a shipment of coconut water.

The crew of the vessel stayed in Guyana longer than expected.

On Friday, the captain was approached and offered money to transport drugs into Trinidad. He refused.

This refusal is said to have sparked a confrontation.

The captain and the crew were verbally threatened and gunmen opened fire on the vessel.

The Andorra immediately left for Trinidad but was not pursued.

Jean-Baptiste said the captain of Adorra maintained radio contact with the Coast Guard after it was forced to flee Guyana.

The vessel, which is 100 feet long, sailed into Chaguaramas Bay on Sunday, Jean-Baptiste said.

Police officers and officials from Customs and Excise are currently investigating the matter.