US-based domestic violence org. supporting woman assaulted by minister’s son

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Howey In The Hill, Florida, USA–June 24, 2013-The members of Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA), extend our thoughts and prayers for Miss Vanisha Seenauth as she is attempting to recover physically and emotionally from the attack by her alleged abuser, Robeson Benn Jr.

Ms Seenauth reached out to CADVA in 2012 following a confrontation with Mr. Benn Jr.

She alleges that her latest encounter at the hands of Benn Jr. was during the pre-dawn hours of Sunday when he hit her on her right eye and head at her home in Georgetown. The woman, who works with a constitutionally empowered government department, has claimed that he had kicked her late last year resulting in her miscarriage. That baby was due on Tuesday.

Since that time CADVA has remained in communication with Ms. Seenauth. At this time, we are unable to disclose the details of our discussions with Ms. Seenauth due to confidentiality. Our mission is to provide a safe place for victims such as Vanisha Seenauth to reach out and share their story with the hope of eventually having the strength and courage to leave an abuser. We continue to educate victims on the behaviours of an abuser, where to obtain help and how to stay safe.

In Ms. Seenauth’s case, we feel she was making attempts to extricate herself from anabusive relationship and continuing building her life and career. We encourage everyone involved to remain objective to the fact of the alleged claim against Mr. Benn Jr. Treating this case as you would any other domestic violence/abuse case under the current judicial laws governing Guyana’s legal system. Ms Seenauth is yet another victim, falling prey to the hands of an alleged abuser.

If an abuser is found guilty under the penal codes of any legal jurisdiction, the punishment for such heinous crimes should be punishable to the full extent of the law, regardless of how the victim or the abuser may be viewed or their roles in our community, society or social groups. All domestic abuse cases are important and we should not use this one case to sensationalize or bring attention to just this one case when there are many other victims who are suffering as well. This is an opportunity to come through with the promise of ‘zero tolerance’ if this case is brought to justice and the alleged abuser is found guilty under the applicable laws. CADVA encourages parents, social workers, community leaders and educators to come together to effect change with the hope of re-engineering our communities to a violence free environment. We should never loose focus on the abusive situation that has lead to the brutal battery of a young woman.

There is no excuse for hitting, punching, beating, raping or kicking another person. There ‘zero tolerance’ rule should apply in all cases of domestic abuse.