Govt minister’s son arrested for allegedly assaulting ex-girlfriend.

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Vanisha Seenauth (Latoya Gilles photo)

The son of a government minister on Tuesday surrendered to police and was arrested in connection with allegedly assaulting his ex girlfriend.

Robeson Benn Jr. has been accused by 27-year old Vanisha Seenauth of assaulting her during the pre-dawn hours of Sunday at her home in the city.

Chief of Criminal Investigations, Deputy Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud said “he came in this morning and is with the police at Brickdam.

Asked if he has been arrested, Persaud said “yes.”

Seenauth, whose right eye was swollen and ‘black-and-blue’ and her head tender as a result of severe blows, said she had expected her brother home. On hearing someone knock on the door of her lower flat, she opened and was confronted by Benn.

She alleged that the young man forced himself into her home and severely beat her.

Seenauth, who works with a constitutionally empowered government office, wants Benn to stay away from her.

That means that police would have to charge him under the Domestic Violence Act and the court would ask her if she requires a restraining order against the young man.

Speaking with reporters at her home Sunday night, the tearful woman alleged that she has been assaulted at least 10 times in the one year old relationship which ended several months ago.

She recalled that during December 2012, Benn allegedly beat and kicked her in her abdomen resulting in a miscarriage. She was due to have a baby today (Tuesday, June 25,2013).

Robeson Benn Jr. is the son of Transport Minister, Robeson Benn.

The Florida-based Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA) foundation has said that Seenauth has been “making attempts to extricate herself from anabusive relationship and continuing building her life and career..”

CADVA encouraged everyone involved to remain objective to the fact of the alleged claim against Mr. Benn Jr. “Treating this case as you would any other domestic violence/abuse case under the current judicial laws governing Guyana’s legal system. Ms Seenauth is yet another victim, falling prey to the hands of an alleged abuser,” said the organisation in a statement.