UPDATED: Four identified in ‘bush’ truck fatal accident on Barama Road

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:02 by GxMedia


Wayne Blake

Four persons were killed and eight others injured when a truck lost power and fell into a gully, survivors said.

The dead persons have been identified as Richard Doobay, Pamela Solomon, Aubrey Evans and George Persaud.

Survivors said the mishap occurred around 11 O’clock Saturday night at 112 on the Barama Road when they were climbing a hill.

“We were going up a hill and the truck just so reached to the top and just cut out like that. The truck start to back down and the brakes holding as the drive was trying to bring it down but the third time the brakes failed and come down and chock on the tray and turn over and rest in the gully,” said 48-year old Wayne Blake who was responsible for taking in the group of miners.


Shop owner, Kavita Klinken said she was pinned by a rope that had strapped some of the supplies on the ‘bush truck’. Although her leg was pinned under a wheel, she said it was not broken.

The group of 16 persons, along with fuel, food and other supplies, was travelling to the gold-bearing area of Sulphur Rose

Among the injured were two young women, one of whom has been identified as 20-year old Kavita Clinken.

Others injured include Andre Abel of Calcutta, Mahaicony,  18-year old Leroy Sealey of Wales, West Bank Demerara and 20-year old Benedict Leonard.


Leroy Sealey