Miners killed in Guyana, Venezuela

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:02 by GxMedia

Two Guyanese miners have been killed and one man has been arrested in connection with one of the homicides.

The Guyana Police Force identified the dead men as 23-year old Rafael Randy of Kamwatta Village, North West District and Titus Daniels of Yarakita.

Randy’s body was Friday morning found lying in a hammock art “Bruck Up” Landing, North West District with a suspected gunshot wound to the head.

The suspect in that killing has not yet been arrested.

While at “Bruck Up” Landing, police said they received further information about another body of a Guyanese national of Amerindian descent which had been brought over earlier in the day from the border village of “Mundo” in Venezuela.

Investigations revealed that miner Daniels of Yarakita was fatally stabbed to his back by another Guyanese miner during an altercation at “Mundo.”

Other Guyanese miners arrested the suspect and brought back Daniels’ body to Guyana. The suspect was handed over to the police and is in custody, police said.

Efforts are in train to bring the bodies to Mabaruma, NWD. Investigations in both matters are in progress.