Policeman charged with beating illegal miners

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:02 by GxMedia

A Police Corporal was Friday charged with four counts of assault allegedly committed on several persons who had blocked lawmen and Mines Officers from entering Marudi where there are a number of illegal gold miners.

Corpral Nafaste Morris,31, of Lot 7 Ogle Front, East Coast Demerara pleaded not guilty and was placed on GUY$20,000 bail on each count by City Magistrate, Sueanna Lovell. He has to return to court on May 20.

The virtual complainants named in court documents are Otillo Perreira, Errol Prince, his wife Verona Prince and Lorenzo Prince.

Video footage shows a uniformed policeman cutting a twig from a nearby tree which he used to whip a woman, her 10 year old so and two men. The incident occurred on March 2  at Marudi, South Rupununi.

Defence lawyer, Patrice Henry asked for reasonable bail and argued that the accusations were never made when the policeman was acting in the execution of his duty.

The Prosecution told the court that Morris tried to remove the Virtual Complainants by pushing them but they advanced at him. Morris picked up a piece of tree limb and lashed them on their hands and feet.