History will venomously condemn Ramkarran if he returns to PPP

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by Political Oracle

If Ralph Ramkarran decides to return to the Peoples Progressive Party, his political reputation will be damaged. The confidence the Guyanese people have in him as a decent individual and a person who can improve the socio-political conditions in Guyana will be tarnished. Indeed, his profile as an alternative to President Donald Ramotar will be drastically diminished from that of hope and admiration to a level of betrayal and deceitful perception. Mr Ramkarran will no loner be able to speak with moral authority on corruption or express his genuine concerns for injustices nor utter any form of sincerity on national issues. Many Guyanese will conclude that he is a political hypocrite.

The PPP, as a political party is not convincingly demonstrating or illustrating that it is still the working class movement formed to enhance the conditions of the poor and powerless, that its founders had so intended. The Working Class people and PPP members are being betrayed and sacrificed for selfish objectives.  Ordinary citizens and the political pundits will agree that the pure spirit, the moral compass, the ingredients of integrity and substance of honesty have departed the party when the Jagans died.   The party has lost its ideological perspective; it is gradually moving in the direction of self destruction and evidently manifested its self as an entity of harbouring corrupted officials, narco entrepreneurs and nefarious oligarchs.

It will, therefore, be counterproductive on Ramkarran’s part and highly contradictory for him  to return to the PPP. Mr. Ramkarran can never win the confidence, respect and trust of the cabal in the PPP.  Many of them have disrespected and humiliated him on numerous occasions. At the end of the day, they will always play crucial political games against him because Jagdeo and his lieutenants have the desires, willingness and ability to control power in the party. Some cohorts, therefore, perceive and analyse Mr Ramkarran as a political threat to their existence and so they are prepared to belittle and sideline him politically.

It is widely believed and logically speculated that Mr. Ramkarran is meeting in closed- door sessions with President Ramotar and he is in constant contact with high officials of the party. These encounters are believed to be orchestrated by no lesser person than Mr. Ramotar who is also General Secretary and de facto leader of the ruling party. The objective is to get Ramkarran to return to the Party because many people are of the opinion that his absence will contribute to a massive electoral defeat for PPP at polls in the next General elections. Already large numbers of PPP supporters and members are disillusioned and disenchanted by Ramkarran’s departure. They are questioning the leadership of the party as to why the party is experiencing leadership defection.  Some party members are suggesting that the president should recreate the vice presidency position or the deputy prime ministerial position, which was ostentatiously functional under the Burnham and Hoyte administrations, and present it to Ramkarran as a gesture of appeasement and visible apology.

Mr Ramkarran should have a profound understanding of the nature of the PPP ,and should analyse effectively that these so called gestures of reconciliation are not designed or intended to restore his honour, dignity or political image to the party members. But rather, his invitation to return is a classic form of political expediency by the party. The PPP has set patterns and standards in dealing with so called “traitors”.  The party will negotiate and entice people who have departed and are a political threat to the PPP. After they have served their purpose the party will belittle and militates against them by using all its propaganda techniques and mechanisms to discredit them. A precedent has been established in the Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan cases. Back in 2006 the Party needed Nagamootoo to mobilise the supporters for elections and for him to stand on the stage and show unity. After he had finished serving his purpose the cabal disregarded him and relegated him to being a back-bencher in the National Assembly. Point to note, it was the same Nagamootoo and Ramjattan who had been speaking out against bad governance, corruption and death squads.

The PPP has, meanwhile, crafted responses and calls for Mr. Ramkarran to return, not so subtly suggesting that his departure was irrational, petty and unjustifiable. It is a fall-back mechanism that the PPP has set up to condemn Ramkarran should he fail to return, continue to write columns that are critical of the party and government or join any opposing political movement.

Today, however, with its parliamentary minority status the PPP cannot afford to lose more face by openly condemning Ramkarran who, apart from his impeccable and noble image, is the third high-profile PPP personality to have spoken out against the ills of the party in government during the past 20 years.

The same fate awaits Ralph Ramkarran if he makes a similar mistake like Moses. Friends and foes alike have come out and given Ramkarran praise for a bold and noble stand against corruption. If Ramkarran should returned to the PPP, it will be a dark day in the political history of this county. Therefore, integrity and justice are monitoring your every move, Sir. History will venomously condemn you once you venture back.