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Pastor arrested for allegedly raping woman he counselled

A pastor has been arrested  after a 21-year old woman alleged that he raped her while providing counselling following the death of her father, according to well-placed sources.

Sources said the pastor of the Full Gospel Church (not Full Gospel Fellowship) was arrested Thursday night at his Diamond, East Bank Demerara home to assist police with investigations.

The 35-year old man allegedly committed the offence last month on the woman.

The woman alleged that following her father’s death two years ago, the pastor counselled her and her mother.

Months later, he alleged invited the woman to his home where he eventually had sex with her multiple times.

  • Col123

    Oh Lawd!…HELP us..still trying to figure out why you didn’t know, that you were creating a bunch of sinners!

    • ExPPP_Man

      Is one all yuh bai. I know he. don’t worry, he know lots of big ones in gov’t and police. He gwan get off easy.

      • Col123

        Ex dude… the pastor knows how to use the broom and jaahray sins boy….Gawd ah help awee…we ah he first people on this earth ..

        • ExPPP_Man

          Don’t worry, them boys waiting on he in prison.

  • rudeo

    Guh suh…de woman had to be counselled in every way…..bless the man….just reaching out….why after first time no report? multiple times then report rape? guh suh!

  • CleveM

    Very silly comment. It exposes your lack of knowledge.

    • Col123

      Wait a second… don’t you get to heaven if you accept the lawd as you personal savior?…jeeze… ah bettah go back to church!

  • Col123

    Don’t worry about sinners padna…take my stupid advice…you oughta worry about yourself!

  • Col123

    Thanks bro… there is redemption still..

  • Col123

    This is serious stuff guys…it should be treated as such…where the heck is rs desai….he usually put this stuff in perspective!