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69 persons set to receive National Awards; Chancellor, Chief Justice among top awardees

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Thirty-one women from various fields are among those who will be conferred with National Awards on the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence for their outstanding service and sterling contributions toward national development.

The awards will be conferred by President David Granger on behalf of the Guyana government.

Leading the list of 69 awardees is Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary, Madame Yonette Decina Cummings-Edwards, who has been recognised with the Order of Roraima. Madame Justice Edwards, who boasts an illustrious legal career that commenced in 1988, was sworn in to her current post on March 28, 2017. She served as a Judge on the Court of Appeal of Guyana for several years and is now the second woman to be appointed to the position of Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary.

Acting Chief Justice, Madame Alison Roxanne Mc Lean-George, who was admitted to the Bar in October 1990, for service as a Senior State Counsel, Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Deputy Director of Public Prosecution and Director of Public Prosecution, has been named among the recipients for the Cacique’s Crown of Honour along with Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ambassador Irwin La Rocque.

Chancellor of the Judiciary, Yonette Cummings-Edwards.

Environmental activist and pilot, Ms. Annette Arjoon-Martin, who has been a driving force in marine conservation and mangrove replanting projects, has been named as a recipient of the Golden Arrow of Achievement alongside Secretary General of the Guyana Red Cross Society, Ms. Dorothy Fraser,  Chief Librarian of the University of Guyana, Ms. Gwyneth George, Veteran Journalist, Ms. Julia Ann Johnson, General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), Ms. Coretta McDonald, Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Pilgrim and veteran educator, Ms. Gem Ann Rohlehr, among others.

Meanwhile, veteran Journalists, Mr. Enrico Woolford and Mr. Adam Harris, Artist and Sculptor, Mr. Winslow Marcellous Craig, Human Resources Management and Organisational Development Specialist, Ms. Sandra Jones are all among the recipients for the Arrow of Achievement.

President David Granger has said that the conferring of national awards is recognised as a mechanism, provided under the Constitution of Guyana to give due national recognition to outstanding citizens. The regular conferral of national awards is a commitment made by President Granger.

Chief Justice, Roxanne George.

Under the current administration 51 Guyanese women have already been conferred with national awards. In 2015, 19 women from a total of 53 received national awards. The Order of Roraima was received by one person; three received the Cacique’s Crown of Honour (CCH); seven received the Golden Arrow of Achievement (AA); five received the Medal of Service (MS) and three received the Disciplined Service Medal (DSM).

In October 2016, a total of 32 women received awards; four received the CCH, 14 the AA, 12 the MS and two received the DSM. A total of 86 individuals were conferred with awards. Additionally, 12 groups were conferred with the MS insignia on the occasion of Guyana’s 46th Republic Anniversary in February, earlier in 2016.  His Excellency the President and members of the Advisory Council for the Orders of Guyana offer sincere congratulations to all the persons who have been honoured.

On the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Independence of Guyana, His Excellency David Granger, MSS, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Chancellor of the Orders of Guyana is pleased to make the following appointments under the Order of Roraima of Guyana and the Order of Service of Guyana.

Of the 69 persons honoured at this time, 31 are exceptional women who have contributed immeasurably to the development of Guyana in their respective areas of service.


Order of Roraima

1    Yonettte Decina Cummings-Edwards


Cacique’s Crown of Honour

1     Alison Roxane Mc Lean George

2    Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith

3    Moeenul Hack

4    Irwin La Rocque

5    Murtland Raphael Massiah


Golden Arrow of Achievement

1    Ramsay Ali

2    Annette Arjoon

3    Lloyd Fitzgerald Austin

4    Everette Lancelot Carberry

5    Rhoda Amelia Stephne Clarke

6    Winslow Marcellous Craig

7    Jose Louis Da Silva

8    Jennifer Dewar

9    Dorothy Fraser

10   Gloria Regina Fraser

11   Ameena Gafoor

12   Samuel Jaidatt Goolsarran

13   Gwyneth George

14   Adam Elias Harris

15   Hilton Gregory Hemerding

16   Sandra Hooper

17   Julia Ann Johnson

18   Sandra Valerie Jones

19   Raymond Mark Kirton

20   Hemraj Kissoon

21   Doris Ann Lewis

22   Tota Charran Mangar

23   Hyacinth Gloria Massay-Thomas

24   Julie Andrea Matthews

25   Coretta McDonald

26   George Gladstone McDonald

27   Ann Elizabeth McLennan

28   Marie June Mendes

29   Abena Nkenge Moore

30   Cecil Norman Murray

31   Vibert Virnen Parvatan

32   Jawahar Persaud

33   Karen Pilgrim

34   Andrew Godfrey Proctor

35    Khakan Ally Ramjohn

36   Gem Ann Rohlehr

37   Sonya Indira Roopnauth

38   Pradeep Parmanand Samtani

39   Godfrey Steve Statia

40   Barbara Patricia Thomas-Holder

41   Desmond Trotman

42   Patrick Everton Williams

43   Enrico Mortimer Woolford

44   John Carlson Yates


Medal of Service

1    Sandra Michelle Adams

2    John Andries

3    George Rupert Barclay

4    Erma Hyacinth Bovell

5    Camille Patricia Carrington

6    Patrick Nigel de Groot

7    Denise Dias

8    Merlene Ellis

9    Joan Anges Fredericks

10   Heeralall Makhanlall

11   Jenevieve Jenny Murray

12   Julio Perreira

13   Ryan Perreira

14   Emelda Sandy


Military Service Medal

1    Lt Col Lawrence Anthony Fraser

2    Lt Col Ramkarran Doodnauth


 Disciplined Services Medal

1   Assistant Commissioner of Police Nigel Anthony Hoppie

2   Acting Director of Prisons Gladwin Andrea Samuels

3   Deputy Chief Fire Officer Winston Michael McGregor

His Excellency the President and members of the Advisory Council for the Orders of Guyana offer sincere congratulations to all the persons who have been honoured.

  • SYL

    Congrats to all hard workers. Hard work rewards, crime doesn’t pay, In particular congrats to my school mate and country man . The man that was so school smart that he got the little whipping we all got intermittently at school [ lol ].[ Rangar / Mike.and he’s no. 39 on list. CONGRATS !

  • SYL

    PARDON # 39 You never got the whipping it should have read. [ school smart].

  • Col123

    Pomp and display!!!!…. and what do we have to show for it?… more pomp and display!!!

  • ExPPP_Man

    Congrats to Annette Arjoon, probably the only credible Guyanese.

    • Col123

      Ex KKK guy…How come you didn’t get an award boy?…cause you nah wan credible coalie?

      • ExPPP_Man

        Me nah balck man that’s why. I contribute to your Camp Street meals via GRA more than many of those who received.

        • Col123

          SOCA should lock you up cause you na contribute enough or you have GRA… or you need jharey with awee broom.

  • Emile_Mervin

    A waste of space exists between your ears.

    • Col123

      It’s still pomp and display!

    • Ashley Singh

      Awards under the PPP and Awards under the PNC. Whats the difference They have no value because they were NOT awarded on meritorious grounds.

    • shovid


  • Emile_Mervin

    A charade because it recognizes Guyanese, unlike the charade that recognized crooks and thieves under the PPP? Under the PPP, a National Award was a contract awarded to a crony who then had to visit the Dumb House on Robb Street and pay their ‘dues’. A charade that resembled a parade.

    • Col123

      A charade because it hides the rape and pillage at Wismar…who can forget

      • Ashley Singh

        Many have conveniently forgotten those barbaric atrocities of 1964.

  • Col123

    Guyana has more urgent issues to address…It was May 1964 when Guyana was ethnically cleansed…why no recognition of this fact?..The Wismar rape and pillage…by Reid, Hammie et al,The Sun Chapman tragedy,…..400 fightas with AK 47s dead…well one drowned clutching his AK 47…who is spending any time figuring out this in our history…..your religion teaches you not to let the one hand know what the other did…and recognition is a fools prize…..and you are correct..” awards are basically symbolic”

  • Col123

    Guyana needs a reset urgently!… A truth and reconciliation commission is required to cut through all the muck in this divided…. as it was in S Africa. The evidence of ethnic cleansing stifles growth and development since the that infamous May of 1964. There’s more to the demise of those 400 with the AK 47… We need to know who lead them to their demise… well, one drowned clutching at his AK 47..,

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    I am Mandingo bro… you are one of those osu caste my forefathers captured for sale..

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    You should ask yesu and his gimmicks with Guyana rum in England…

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    You have some bloody nerve!

  • Col123

    You are so stupid… you don’t even know what ethnic cleansing means!

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