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PPP’s Nandlall slams Granger’s Senior Counsel appointments as politically biased

Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Hack.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall on Saturday slammed President David Granger’s appointment of several Senior Counsel, saying the “opaque” and “discriminatory” process has led to the selection of a sitting judge in violation of  practice.

“These appointments were obviously done in a very opaque fashion. Some  of the appointments reek of political bias and baseless favouritism. Persons deserving were spitefully and discriminatory omitted,” Nandlall said in reaction the appointments announced earlier Saturday for the first time since 1996.

They are Attorneys-at-Law Neil Boston; Charles Fung-a-Fat,  Llewely John, Rafiq Turhan Khan, Vidyanand Persaud,  and Rosalie Althea Robertson.

The other appointees are Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire- a sitting High Court Judge- Retired Justice, Claudette Singh and Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams.

Expressing shock at President Granger’s “sudden announcement” of the appointment of Senior Counsel, Nandlall registered his strong objection the appointment of Justice George because she is a sitting Judge.

“This runs contrary to every canon of practice and precedent which dictate that Senior Counsel must be practicing lawyers, for this reason the Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, Ivor Archie, was forced to relinquish his appointment as Senior Counsel because he was a Judge and not a practicing lawyer when he was appointed. Kamala Persaud Bissessar was forced to do likewise because when she was appointed Senior Counsel, she was the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Another person appointed has never done a case of substance at the Bar.,” said Nandlall.

Justice Roxanne George

Nandlall charged that the “omissions are equally glaring” and questioned the basis for not appointing Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Hack, Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh and Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards.  “As irregular as I believe it is for a Judge to be appointed, on what basis was one Judge appointed and the other Judges not, especially the Chancellor  and Chief Justice?,” he said.

Nandlall, an executive member of the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), said this latest move represents a further deterioration of Guyana’s political environment since the APNU+AFC coalition came to office 20 months ago.  “The slide into authoritarianism by this government is moving faster than I anticipated,” he said.

The PPPC-led administration did not appoint Senior Counsel since 1996.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Comments about Nandlall by fellow legal practitioners.

    RAPHAEL TROTMAN: He talks froth.

    KHEMRAJ RAMJATTAN:(1) I think you are misinterpreting that law but then you have always had a problem in that regard.
    (2) He is very garrulous and long winded.

    RALPH RAMKARRAN: If he is flummoxed then he is in his normal state.

    Further to this he got a good butt spanking from Rex McKay in the letters sections of the print media and was only able to mount a very weak response. This occurrence was repeated recently with attorney Maxwell Edwards delivering the spanking.

    Putting aside the soliciting of sexual partners for his uncle, Nandlall still falls short of requirements for wearing silk. He is more hot air than anything else. The good religious lady cannot wear silk either unless she is being rewarded for malicious prosecution (NBS matter) and intervening on behalf of homosexual paedophiles.
    Dream on Nandlall.

    • Vijaysingh

      Excellent response.

  • Horny- Mamu

    “…. since 1996……” So, why were no appointments made , until now, with this new government?
    Mr. Nandalal, please educate us, using as few words as possible.

    • Kassem_B

      There was a constitution motion brought by a lawyer to prevent any appointment until certain conditions were met.
      It may or may not have a bearing on the delay

  • rs dasai

    Blame The Nanda Lall.

  • rs dasai

    Politics trumps merit any day. We plebs have no say.

  • rs dasai

    Puerile arguments.

    • RLSG

      If there is to be a museum it should be for ALL of the former Presidents of Guyana … what makes Jagan so special … let me answer … because he is East Indian and he is NOT the father of the country and DOES NOT need to be put on a pedestal. There should not be any Indian supremacy in multiracial Guyana.

  • Estell


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    Speaking of conscience, E. L. Allen said, “Honestly, what use do we make
    of our God-given reason? I know what use I make of it. I use it chiefly to
    provide reasons for what I want to do without admitting it is for pursuing some
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