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Govt will pay 1% to 10% pay hike even if union rejects it…“It is perhaps what is affordable at present”- Granger

IMG-20160824-WA0000President David Granger on Thursday signaled that government would pay a maximum 10 percent wage and salary hike to the lowest paid government employees and one percent to the highest paid because that is all that government can afford.

“It is perhaps what is affordable at present,” he said on this week’s edition of his television programme, Public Interest.

Granger said if the General Council of the Guyana Public Service Union rejects government’s offer on Friday, September 2, 2016, government would still go ahead and pay the increase. “The award that we have proposed is as much as we can do as of the 1st September and we intend to proceed with that,” he said.

The President appealed to the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) to remain engaged with government negotiators on other outstanding issues, and he also hoped that the outcome of next year’s wage negotiations would be “satisfactory to both sides.”

During last year’s general election campaign, the Granger-led coalition of A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+ AFC) had promised a 20 percent pay increase to government employees.


However, the Guyanese leader said the coalition did not anticipate the “volume of indebtedness” by entities such as the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) which has been receiving a GYD$10 billion bailout annually coupled with fall in the world prices for gold, bauxite and other commodities. “These have affected our revenues.”

He said government has also been unable to find sufficient funds for education, including the University of Guyana and public schools, and the health sector.

“I am not saying that the public servants do not deserve more but we did everything that is possible,” he said.

Former Finance Minister, Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday calculated the weighted average of the 1 percent to 10 percent is about 6.7 percent across the board.

  • Emile_Mervin

    There is not enough money in the treasury to pay public servants a good life wage, but there is money to pay cabinet members and MPs a pay raise, to fund ceremonies and to make BK richer. Granger is the new Ramotar, while Harmon is the new Jagdeo! No wonder Granger is eager to for a Unity Government of complacency and corruption!

    A new third force, please!

    • Col123

      I am seeing a mad rush by those with access, grabbing what money/wealth they can. The economy will predictably dip and unemployment will wreak havoc…it is just a matter of time… the next election does not matter…it will be “won” by the PNC… We are back to ideology and demagoguery…

      • eddie

        the silence from the ABC countries is duly noted

  • Lance Vance

    granga u full of st##, u were the leader of the opposition u used to tell us how ppp gov:t is hieving & spending tax payers money wild,so when u promise 20% u know what u were talking about,but u create job for the boys,today u had to fire lear goring who was a square peg & u give your thugs 50% increase, from election to now tell the people what any one of them did, beside playing with them self & lying,if ppp was in gpv:t tuc ,psu & fu$$ would have been in the street looting, shooting & burning down regent street that is how pnc deal with stuff

    • Ashley Singh

      the s##t has blogged his brains.

  • Col123

    wait till those private jets are parked in BK hangers!

  • david harmon

    Govt will pay 1% to 10% pay hike even if union rejects it

    • Ashley Singh

      the water Cannon.

  • Mother Sally

    These are most famous examples. I condemn corruption in all its forms irrespective of race, colour, creeed or class Let’s just face it – Granger and Harmon conned the unsuspecting Guyanese electorate so we have to endure more pain, suffering and the Almighty knows what else. I plan to leave them all including Sandra to have a really good time. this is the Titanic sinking and the band played on.

  • Ashley Singh

    Granger! Simply authoritarian and dictatorial.