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Six, including two girls, arrested for Prof. Perry Mars’ murder

Professor Perry Mars

Professor Perry Mars

Less than 24 hours after a Guyana-born American professor was strangled to death at his home in Prashad Nagar, police arrested the key suspects and recovered the items that were stolen from his home.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum told Demerara Waves Online News that “we have arrested the suspects and they are cooperating with the investigators.”

Professor Perry Mars, 75, was found by his wife with his hands and feet duct taped and injuries to his head in his study at his home on Bissessar Street, Prashad Nagar at about 7 O’clock Thursday night (Thursday, May 12, 2016). “The house was ransacked and a number of articles and cash were missing,” police later said in a statement.

Mars recently re-migrated to Guyana after working mainly at African Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Blanhum said four men and two girls have since been taken into custody from neighbouring Sophia and the “items stolen from the victim have been recovered.” The items include a sum of cash, a laptop computer, an I-phone and a play station. Investigators have learnt that several persons were seen leaving Mars’ home with a number of suitcases that they loaded in a car.

Authorities say statistically serious crimes have reduced, but evidently violent and brutal crimes have been making the news headlines.

Sections of the business community in Georgetown and Berbice have been calling on government and the police to do more to address the crime situation.

Having studied history at the University of Guyana and Carelton University in Ottawa, Canada, he went on to work at Africana Studies at Wayne State University. He has been also credited with developing an international academic exchange project between Africana Studies, the College of Urban Labor and Metropolitan Affairs (CULMA), and the University of Guyana

  • george wiltshire

    This is so sad. I knew Perry back in 1985 when he was a part of the law department.

  • Zarena Ali

    I know the Security forces are equipped to handle these situations….why not in the outlining neighborhoods also?

    • Action

      What do you mean by equipped to handle these situation? The only way those situations are handled are when the potential criminals are too scared of the repercussions of their crime to even try it.

  • Ashley Singh

    Perry was my Lecturer at U G in Pol 100 during the late 70’s . What a wonderful person. He was not permitted to enjoy his retirement. If convicted, those Criminals should not be spared the ROPE. R.I.P Perry.

    • SYL

      The govt. and HR org. just playing with the criminals.he criminals have more rights than the victims. I have made my comments and remedy for this situation many times in the last year. HANG THE BASTARDS, OR WHIP THEM WITH THE CAT O NINE TAIL. CATCHING THE CRIMINALS AFTER THE ACT ITS like after the horse has already left the stable.Deterrent for potential criminals is to whip those now in custody with the cat o nine tail.No more comments on this criminal situation, because its a waste of time . All the fat cats have security. I thought every citizen was important as the other, and not some are more important than the other. RIP sir, and may your family have SHALOM.

      • george wiltshire

        If they hang these teenage criminals the other nitwits will know we mean business. You have a small space and you are adding more. Clean up the place. Hang about fifty of them and the rest will get quiet. They will talk about their rights in a few years when we forgot what they did. The murdered victims had no rights.

        • SYL

          SOLUTION! Every man that kills a woman . PENALTY! Castrate him. Every man that kills a man whip him with the CAT O NINE TAIL , only 6 strokes across his back and let him go if he thinks he’ll walk it home.

  • KassemB

    The public need to know where the six hailed from?

  • ExPPP_Man

    The current crime chief has done a brilliant job and should be promoted to Assistant or Deputy Commissioner. The Commish removed a more senior officer and place Senior Sup Blanhum in the position, it’s proving to be a very brilliant move. Although there is an upsurge in crime, the CID are cracking far more cases since this guy took over. Its not the best, but it’s a step in the right direction. I remember Rumjattan and First VP/Prime Minister Harmon didn’t like the idea of the transfer, but they could not stop it.

  • Surujpaul Rampersaud

    Knew Perry from UG. One of the very early Graduates and a good one. I am saddened at his tragic demise. The Home Affairs Minister should introduce the ” Hit/ Death Squad” used by one of his predecessors. This will rid Guyana of this criminal element.

    • george wiltshire

      They need to announce they are going to hang for murder. The criminals will change. Let us try it.

  • SYL

    No! because they bastards are worst than ghosts. The firing squad need some practice , all they do now is saluting their superiors. The human rights org. says they have rights, and that’s the big problem, so no stopping to the madness and inhumane behavior. The ministers hands are tied, unless they get like Cuban justice.