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Vendors protest City Hall over allocation at Parliament View Mall

Parliament View Mall

Parliament View Mall

With monthly loans to pay, children to take care of and bills to pay, vendors are still unsatisfied with the arrangements put in place for them at the Parliament View Mall and venting their frustrations.

A handful of vendors turned out to City Hall on Wednesday morning to voice their concerns over the issue.

The vendors claim that they have not been allocated spots at the new location and attempts made to engage the Clerk of Markets on the issue have been dismissed.

After the vendors became loud in the City Hall compound they were asked to leave. They complied and took their protest to Regent Street.

After being able to gain an audience with Town Clerk Royston King the vendors were told that the mall was almost filled with just a few spots remaining.

King said that presently the mall houses 173 persons with over 30 other applications pending. City Hall is hoping to place at least 185 vendors at the new location.

But the Town Clerk pointed out that “new people are coming out” to claim spots at the mall urging that the vendors stand guard.

“The space is limited very limited so what we are trying to do is have am accurate register of people of weren’t there a before,” he said adding “We don’t want to put somebody there who wasn’t there before.”


  • rudeo

    Where is Hammie Green? Friend of the vendors….his words

    • Col123

      He is out spending much of his money…too bad he will end up leaving it…these chaps do not not learn from their rich dead comrades …

  • Emile_Mervin

    Lack of planning! The only way new people are coming out and seeking new spots is because those that had stalls were not identified via a request to comply form, which would have automatically qualified and recognized them.

    Maybe the Town Clerk needs to go a step further and have all persons assigned a spot be assigned a City Council-issued picture ID card with a numbet, their name, and the title ‘vendor’ which they must display while vending. There can be a small cost attached to the car acquisition, but in event there is a future re-lication, only those vendors with cards will be recognized.

    Every trained and educated supervisor or manager knows that planning is the fundamental basis on which all other management decisions rest. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Wake up, Mr. Town Clerk!

    • SYL

      The town clerk is now doing a check list!. This guy went to school during “RECESS” only. Secondary school students can do a better job in planning.These folks in the town council , really make Guyanese of the 80’s look like rocket scientists EM I don’t even want to spend time ready this BS.
      Are they different than Sooba? The woman is booted and they blunder at every stop..

  • SYL

    I don’t need to . I ‘m a successful entrepreneur . You guys can stay in that state and condone the mediocrity, it doesn’t affect me directly. Its this kind of mentality that exist , I don’t need to waste time to occupy that low position, that for the soup drinkers. Its just sad that the lower class of people always have to suffer, that’s what affects me indirectly.