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What crime? Police Force says crime down by 19%

crime-statisticsWith persistent complaints from the Guyanese public over the current crime situation, the Guyana Police Force is reporting a 19% decrease in the crime rate.

Police in a release confirmed that it has recorded a 19% decrease in serious crimes at the end of April this year relative to the same period last year.

In the release, Police say there was a 9%  reduction in reports of murder; a 9% decrease in gun-related robberies; an 8% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used by the perpetrators; a 38% decrease in robberies with violence; a 38% decrease in robberies with aggravation; an 18% decrease in rape; and a 22% decrease in break and enter and larceny.

It was stated that the reports made in April 2016 represent a 32% decrease against those reported in March this year.

“The slowing down of the crime rates is based on several initiatives taken by the Government and the Guyana Police Force to manage the crime situation,” Police said.

It was stated too that highlights of these are capacity building in the Criminal Investigation Department that is now manifested in perpetrators of high profile crimes being arrested within two to three days of their occurrence.

It said that the situation coupled with the social crime prevention programme and anti-crime patrol systems as well as Government policy initiatives are developing the public trust and reducing the fear of crime in the Guyanese society.

  • MEMES Unlimited

    The GPF has very limited capacity to conduct statistical review of their requisite legal duties, responsibilities and accountability. Such compilation of facts and figures should be completed by a qualified and independent civilian team and subsequent forensic criminal audit by some affiliated international group….these GPF guys are way off base!!!!!

    From a base level factual standpoint of assertion of criminal conduct the GPF does not have technical & experienced legal staff in the force directly, to even begin to make such a cross reference on a periodic basis. The force’s capacity is, and always was, utterly simplistic regarding the recording of crimes occurring at various locations without drawing reference to trend lines for causation and projections of the expanded directions such criminality could develop and become potentially intractable….specifically with young adults out of work, in survival mode.

  • Col123

    Guyanese math!!!

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Yes, the clue for you is that, from a factual standpoint, “every tom, dick and harry’s assessment of the situation”….is in fact real and accurate based from the school of hard knocks as in “he/she who feels it knows it”. The demographic data base of Guyana is tiny to assess and almost real time conclusions can be derived forthwith by all and sundry.
    Authority to speak about it doesn’t even factor in since perpetual fear felt traversing between banks, business, home and entertainment zones, is downright treacherous and belittling. In fact I am “sick” of these extreme conditions of palpable fear whilst here from time to time in hometown Guyana.
    Taking the “time to figure out how many young adults are out of work” is readily accomplished by me per se since on the average my business employs over 30 persons when fully operational. Economic downturn and severe drought conditions has resulted in a less than stellar performance recently…..unemployed and “living stellar exemplary lives” I know not of and seems like a pipedream of “lin=v

  • NO EASY FIX ‘Crime will not be reduced drastically overnight’ – Public Security Minister OVERNITE.IT’S A YEAR NOW JACK SQUAT,WHEN PPP WAS IN GOVERNMENT U ( JHATOO) HAD THE SOLUTION .

  • Gtloyal

    The PPP and its followers insists that the present coalition government does not have qualified personnel to stem the crime rate and doubt the figures presented by the GPF. In their time at the helm they invited the drug lords to handle similar situations. Maybe they can be kind enough to name a few more that abounds in their ranks so the present government can choose another protector “a la Roger Khan” to assist the minister. That undoubtedly would be most pleasing to them as it is their modus operandi.