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Updated: 5 injured as bandits storm Hotel Ramada casino; one arrested

The bandit nabbed by the police (Travis Chase photo)

The bandit nabbed by the police (Travis Chase photo)

Five persons including one police officer are now nursing gunshot wounds after armed men stormed the Hotel Ramada Casino at Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Police officials have confirmed that just after 3:30 on Friday morning , the four men stormed the building brandishing weapons and demanding cash.

It has been confirmed that while monies were taken away during the robbery, the amount is yet to be disclosed. “The men then ordered everyone to lie on the ground and took the security guard to the cashier cage where they held up the cashier and took away an undisclosed sum of foreign and local currency,” police said.

Four persons working with the casino were shot during the ordeal – two of them in their hands. It has been confirmed that one of the injured employees is the Casino’s Director of Security. Police named the injured employees as Eon Garraway, James Gregory, Orlando Knights and Udairan Sookraj who receiving injuries to their left hand, left foot, left hand and right hand, respectively. They have been admitted to hospital.

Investigators said three patrons- Melissa Ferguson, Jermaine Mason and Roshel Fraser were also assaulted by the men during the incident.

After police were called in, they encountered the men at the scene and there was an exchange of gunfire which led to Police Lance Corporal Andrew Richardson of Impact Base, Brickdam being shot in his abdomen.

Police have confirmed that as the bandits attempted to escape one of the suspects was found in a maintenance room of the hotel. “One of the suspects has been arrested and the firearm that was taken away from the security guard was recovered. His three accomplices managed to escape,” police said in a statement.

He was found with a shotgun and has been arrested. Police have also confirmed that the vehicle used by the bandits was hijacked on Sunday.

The area has been cordoned off and police are still at the scene conducting investigations.

The Guyana Police Force said that the four men armed with firearms entered the casino of the Princess Hotel, Providence, discharged rounds into the air and held up the security guard on duty and took away his shotgun and ammunition.

  • KassemB

    ‘5 injured as bandits storm Hotel Ramada casino; one arrested’
    Like this cohesion catching on
    Whatever you got belongs to awee

  • Half IndianHalfBlack

    These young men are shameful. They should know that they will be caught immediately , sooner or later. Guys hard work does not kill you. It makes you appreciate what you have and what others have. Damn it man. You guys stop this nonsense. Get a grip on life. We may not have what we want, but try positive things to get there.
    Tired reading about these kinds of things.

  • george wiltshire

    This behaviour was developed over the years and Hoyte hanged a couple of them and things became quiet. Over the last twenty three years it has gotten out of hand. Start hanging again and they will increase or decrease.

    • Surujpaul Rampersaud

      Are you sure this this is the solution. It may work but it will take us backward in a world that is against death for the capital offense. In my view their is a break down of law and order. There was a time when the perpetrators of such acts were deemed ” freedom fighters”. Now such acts have become endemic and is creating insecurity. This will deter investment, hence national development. We need both government and opposition to collectively condemn this and debate actions in parliament to kill this growing monster.

      • MEMES Unlimited

        Absolutely a comprehensive break down of law and order….coming out of the guys who proposed to have the “franchise” of curbing such acts forthwith with their complement of highly skilled security technocrats that would make the “failed minister” Rohee look like a primary school boy???!!!!
        This clearly represents and is attributable to a fundamental contraction of the economy ably abetted by the new “romance” with criminal forgiveness acts from the top.
        From a controversial standpoint….I daresay with significant trepidation, that this translates into a significant and deadly assault upon Indo Guyanese per se (I am black). The stats clearly show that most of the violent crimes are committed by Afro Guyanese and as such “social cohesion” should address this disparity. PPP/C seems to have targeted the white collar criminality strategy….at least the victims still has life to continue to make up losses….say it as we see it!!!!!

  • george wiltshire

    This approaching one year since a new governmental crime has not stopped nor appear to have diminished. I suggest that a state of emergency be declared against crime. Special courts should be establish to deal with crime forthwith. Ha GI g should e reintroduced.

  • rudeo

    Opposition?….They have Rohee….he failed….we have Jattan… for the occasion

  • rs dasai

    Half Crown?

  • Col123

    Those PPP freedom fighters at work twenty four hours a day …gyaaming fyah…