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Bauxite company in Linden ordered to clean up oil from Demerara River; company to be punished

The Chinese-owned bauxite mining company, Bosai Minerals, has been ordered to clean up used oil that the company said was accidentally released into the Demerara River and surrounding waterways, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Thursday afternoon.

The EPA has instructed Bosai to immediately commence clean-up and restoration activities. Meanwhile, the EPA continues with its investigation and monitoring of the facility and clean-up exercise.

The EPA said the Linden-based bauxite company would be punished for the environmental pollution. “Further, the EPA is determining the penalties to be issued against the Company.”

The EPA detailed that it received a report through the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on Wednesday, March 29, 2016, regarding a report of the release of used oil into surrounding drainage waterways and the Demerara River by Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.

The EPA says its investigation revealed that used oil flowed from a concrete drainage network in the compound of the Bosai Mineral Group (Guyana) Inc. leading to a nearby trench and ultimately into the Demerara River. The area containing the used oil tank has an oil-water separator in place to capture spilt oil.

“However, according to an official from Bosai, used oil was inadvertently released into the surface drain instead of the oil-water separator. The Environmental Department of Bosai stated they were unaware that used oil was being released from their facility and only became aware of the matter on March 30, 2016, at approximately 11:00 hrs. when it was brought to their attention,” the regulatory and environmental management agency  said in its statement.

The EPA said it promptly conducted an investigation on 30 March, 2016, in collaboration with the Regional Democratic Council, Region 10. “The investigation sought to determine the source or cause of the incident and to identify immediate remediation requirements. Officials of Bosai, including members of the Company’s Environmental Department, Health and Safety Department, and Supervisor of the Power Generation Plant, were present during the investigation.”

  • Pam

    Chase these chinese out of my country!

    • eddie

      this statement is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you get your wish but the crooked politician stay. so what will you do when they grant the concession to some other crooked investor.. whatever happen to accountability from our own politician that is caretaker of our interest

  • KassemB

    ‘ has been ordered to clean up used oil that the company said was accidentally released into the Demerara River and surrounding waterways’
    Bad news
    The fear that it may be the culture in the country
    Green culture is for academics and remain on paper

    • eddie

      you are very optimistic for our world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me ask you this if it was the PPP I guess some big boy would have been hit off with some cash and this go unnoticed and it will hold true to your academic philosophy …. I just don’t get it when something right is done regardless of our political affiliation why we can cant be grown up and applaud it because we are the ones that will benefit regardless if we live in berbice

      • KassemB

        ‘you are very optimistic for our world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me ask you this if it was the PPP….’
        You don’t need to further
        I know where you are coming from.
        The reason why Guyana is in such mess

        • eddie

          Guyana is a mess because of people like you “followers” but me been optimistic I hope it grow on you to be independent minded ,,,, you see I always trust the heart but is betray by the action so i am hoping for a different result ,,,,so i will start with one reason if the PPP want to be a party that is viable let me see if you have the tenacity to call for a new leader because if jagdeo is the leader this party goes no where and that right there is why Guyana is in a mess

  • Col123

    What is the EPA doing about that smoke coming out from those chimneys?..Is that a landmark for the city’s location?….If it was an accident on the oil spillage, I would hope that the govt have Bosai minerals come up with a corrective action plan, to manage this and future containment….and set a specific enforceable time for its clean up, with financial daily penalties.. Chinese and Indian business culture is so different from the English /Japanese/Americans…so the govt. need to stay on top of this…