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PM Nagamootoo, Business Minister knew nothing about BK Tiwari’s appointment

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo speaking with the media aboard the United Kingdom’s naval vessel, HMS Mersey.

Guyana’s Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin Tuesday night distanced themselves from the now rescinded appointment of Brian Tiwari as ministerial advisor on business development.

“I only know what I read in the papers,” Gaskin said, adding “that’s telling you a lot.” He said he only knew that the appointment was revoked during an interview with a reporter.

Instead, Nagamootoo suggested that the prominent businessman had been handed the job by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon who was up to recently on an overseas visit to China.

Hours after the Ministry of the Presidency announced in one sentence that Tiwari’s appointment has been rescinded, Prime Minister Nagamootoo and Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin said they had only learnt of Tiwari’s appointment and its revocation through the media. While Tiwari’s appointment was never announced by the Ministry of the Presidency, that same government agency announced the decision to scrap the portfolio in the one-sentence statement.

Gaskin and Nagamootoo could not say definitively why the appointment was made. Nagamootoo, however, noted that Minister of State, Joseph Harmon could make an order for certain appointments as had been done by the Head of the Presidential Secretariat. “I am not aware of how the appointment took place and who actually did that appointment,” Nagamootoo said.

The Prime Minister surmised that Harmon might have appointed Tiwari temporarily during their overseas visit

Brian Tiwari.

Brian Tiwari.

because that might have been a requirement. “I need to find out if this was for a convenience. I understand a delegation had gone overseas and obviously it could have been a one-off delegation appointment to give the person some status in going to some negotiation or some sort so we need to wait and find out what were the actual circumstances that had required this person to have an appointment,” he said.

Initially, the Prime Minister had declined comment on the issue and had asked that “this matter be raised” with President David Granger or the Minister of State.

Shortly after news surfaced that Tiwari had been appointed ministerial advisor on business development,  eyebrows had been raised in several quarters especially since his company had been named in the purchasing of government land and its subsequent sale to the Chinese company, Bai Shan Lin.

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), under the leadership of then Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte, had severely criticized Brian Tiwari’s BK International for his performance in the delivery of several infrastructural contracts.

  • KassemB

    ‘Prime Minister Nagamootoo and Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin said they had only learnt of Tiwari’s appointment and its revocation through the media.’
    Nothing to worry about
    You are only the PM and Business Minister from the AFC
    Why you need to know?
    You cannot say that you all don’t know about the PNC

    • rudeo

      ha ha… what’s new as far as the PNC is concerned?…..Nagamootoo is the baggage boy of this regime and Ramjattan is not even in the picture…..leave the governing to Granger and Harmon…..there are many more plots to unfold as the days go by….much laughter for some and weeping for others….soldier boy has it all sewn up….AFC…”All Fools Congregate”

      • Emile_Mervin

        After Jagdeo and Ramotar, I would prefer if there be no plots from the coalition, but I am glad, in one sense, that these plots are unfolding to expose self-serving elements in the coalition who may well be protecting Jagdeo and his acolytes under the guide of ‘we need evidence’. What we need in restitution, not retribution, damn it!

        And I can’t believe anyone would decry whistleblowers who are bringing to the nation’s attention, via the media, what the coalition is trying to suppress. Without the whistleblowers and a proactive media the nation would not have learned a quarter of what has been revealed to-date. And there is more to be revealed.

        When politics trump principles, time to put up or puke.

        • Col123

 are beating a dead horse …but I am also getting the thoughts, that there is something sinister in the past between some top govt officials and the PPP…those PPP projects which are being on and off again …and pursued by the current govt. may hold some clues..never mind the forensic stuff…folks conducting those “audits”must be paid some how for their support..and such may be the case also with Mr Tiwarie….what is not connecting is the recon issues on some of the suspects,,ie..,SGT Pyle tragedy…that brought a serious dimension in such past relations ..if there is any..

          • rudeo

            Agreeing with EM…..we must hold Granger to account….he asked for our support….not to have his minions running helter skelter and causing embarrassments that are in fact costly to this nation…..a conspiracy between elements of APNU and PPP cannot be discounted….Guyana is a small country….all hidden secrets eventually come to light….I get the smell of continued and growing corruption ….. is this the change we asked for?

    • Patriot

      You are correct Kassem. But the AFC is too far in the hole now.. they dug their own grave and they are half way in. When they are ignored in this way by Harmon (Granger); after how they were treated following the LGE.. they have to be really between a rock and a hard place… it will take more than a stiff backbone to stand up to being abused this way.. the AFC has shown that they do not have such backbone. So it will continue until they are shed from the PNC machine just before the 2020 elections

  • Emile_Mervin

    EXTRACTED: “Instead, Nagamootoo suggested that the prominent businessman had been handed the job by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon who was up to recently on an overseas visit to China.”
    COMMENT: May have been handed the job? How can the Minister of State hand a job to a private citizen under another Minister’s portfolio without the other minister knowing? I don’t care even if the appointment was a short-term convenient move, protocol stands.
    Folks, I keep telling you that Joe Harmon is doing Moses Nagamootoo’s job, and some of the President’s work. Power has gone to the heads of these political novices who are making a mess of the coalition in the public’s eye. Time for Granger to grow a pair and take a stand as a President. Enough with the aloofness! Re-arrange the chairs on the deck before the ship continues to list and then sink.

    • eddie

      one thing here , I told you Harmon wield too much power and when you have the PM and the minister claiming ignorance it is not good time ahead for this coalitions the president need to be pro active and start running this ship or it will fall apart

    • Patriot

      People on the street know what is happening. The AFC is increasingly becoming of no consequence, as the PNC takes control and put pegs in place with a eye to the 2020 elections. If their strategy works, they will shed the AFC and run alone, hoping that they would have set the stage for a win. Does this echo of 1964? Well.. a bit, Hopefully they are not able to rig the elections again this time as was done in 1964… poor Guyana

  • rs dasai

    Well said. Country comes first.

  • Col123

    Vic…Nagar and jhaatee are both with PPP blood…why would they care about anyone else?…the oh laawd me gaad herbal doctor from Berbice had to take a dose of his own medicine…is he still around?…

  • Col123

    B…tongue between teeth???….where is the bloody economic plan?…