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No 20 percent salary hike, 50K bonus for police in 2016 budget

Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan said the 2016 budget does not cater for another GYD$50,000 bonus or a 20 percent increase in salaries.

An estimated GYD$4.1 billion have been set aside for the payment of emoluments.

Ramjattan was at the time responding to questions from Shadow Public Security Minister, Clement Rohee and People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) parliamentarian, Joseph Hamilton during the consideration of estimates for the 2016 National Budget.

Ramjattan said a 20 percent hike “has not been catered for” and in relation to a bonus identical to the amount paid last year-end by the coalition-led government he said “at this stage I can’t say,” ad “it doesn’t appear so.”

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan has already said that government could not afford the payment of increased salaries to police, soldiers, fire fighters and prison service personnel because multi-billion dollar bail-outs had to be found for the Guyana Sugar Corporation and rice farmers.

The APNU+AFC coalition had promised a 20 percent increase in salaries to members of the security services and special payments to those in interior locations to minimise the temptation to corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, GYD$275 million have been set aside in this year’s budget for the payment to Canadian Bank Note for the printing of passports.

  • Emile_Mervin

    So, after promising on the camain trail that public servants will get 20% pay hikes but not promising any pay hikes for cabinet ministers and MPs, the coalition has given itself a 5%-50% pay hike while giving public servants 5% pay hikes and some ‘bonus’ payouts, now citing payments to GuySuCo as the reason.

    I am not going to engage in petty barb trading with bloggers who argued last year that public servants will get their 20% this year, but it does not look good on so many levels. What is worse is that, apart from the 20% campaign promise, is that the coalition promised to engage labor more meaningfully, and not only did it fail on this front, too, but during the recent budget presentation, it gave the impression it would be engaging labor on pay hikes and scales starting with fiscal year 2016, which was why public servants received no pay hikes in the budget.

    I am not sure if the coalition has really taken public servants for asses or public servants allow themselves to be taken for asses, but this is quite an asinine development. No one seems to know what exactly is the financial state of the government, but while we are being forced to sip from the bitter cup that things are bad, it is the manner in which the bitter medicine is being prescribed.

    Audits have been paid for and submitted but the public knows nothing about the financial health of audited state entities/companies, including GuySuCo, which is now being blamed for depriving public servants pay hikes.

    David Granger, who continues to lead from a distance, appears to have left governance to his cabinet ministers, who, in turn, seem content to make decisions and announcements.

    I backed the coalition to not merely replace the corrupt PPP, but to provide the nation with a better, more effective and more humane government. A government that is transparent and accountable. To say I am deeply disappointed is a huge understatement!