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Amna Ally lifts Keith Scott’s cease order to Troy Resources as workers remain off the job

Under apparent pressure by hundreds of workers angered at being temporarily laid off and paid half of their salaries, Senior Labour Minister Amna Ally has intervened and withdrawn a letter by her Junior, Keith Scott, that had instructed Troy Resources Limited to cease all operations because of safety concerns uncovered by an inspector at two additional gold mining pits. “I, ...

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OPINION: Foreign exchange rate spike exposes so much that is wrong here

by GHK Lall The Demerara Waves Online News article dated October 9 titled, “Bank of Guyana probe uncovering reasons for US notes shortage at cambios” covered a lot of territory. In many respects, it has been fiercely contested territory. The focus and thrust of the Demerara Waves item were on the role of nonbank cambios in the ongoing foreign currency ...

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