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Guyana fast-tracked negotiations to prevent ExxonMobil-controlled consortium’s pull-out over Venezuela’s threat -PM

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo Tuesday night condemned a Global Witness report that concludes that the 2016 ExxonMobil deal amounts to a US$55 billion giveaway, instead saying that government fast-tracked negotiations to prevent the company from pulling out due to Venezuela’s claim. Nagamootoo criticised Global Witness’ call for a suspension of oil production to pave the way for renegotiation of the ...

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As global anti-corruption watchdog calls for renegotiation of oil contract, independent probe believes ExxonMobil likely withheld vital information from Guyana gov’t

Even as the United Kingdom-headquartered international natural resource anti-corruption watchdog, Global Witness, calls for a renegotiation of the Stabroek Block agreement with ExxonMobil to secure at least a 69 percent equal share of oil revenue, an independent probe has found that ExxonMobil appeared to have withheld vital information about another oil discovery before signing the controversial 2016 agreement. The UK-headquartered ...

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OPINION: Strong words on the RUSAL relationship from Minister Trotman

By GHK Lall According to a Demerara Waves Online News article dated March 2nd, the Hon. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, has gone on record with some strong words in the matter of the impasse with RUSAL. Minister Trotman is quoted as saying, government has to consider the implications of “either them closing or we closing them.” Those are ...

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