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Govt supports mandatory death penalty, rendition to fight terrorism

Government Wednesday night justified the mandatory death penalty and rendition of terrorists and passed the Anti-terrorism and Terrorist-Related Activities Bill, despite concerns by the opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC). PPPC Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall appealed to government to send the “unvarnished” bill to a parliamentary select committee to facilitate proper consultations and arrive at a law ...

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High-tech disruption of “national infrastructure” to be made illegal

The illegal access to computers, disruption of critical national infrastructure and the unauthorized sharing of computer data are to soon become offences punishable by hefty fines and long jail terms. “A person who, intentionally and without lawful excuse or justification, obtains for himself or another person, computer data which is not meant for him or the other person and which ...

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Cyber Crime Bill seeks to outlaw cyber-bullying; protect reputation, privacy

The Cyber Crime Act will also outlaw the use of computers to coerce, intimidate or harass another person with intent to cause emotional distress or cyber-bully, intentionally or recklessly, another person. The law defines “cyberbully” as the use of a computer system repeatedly or continuously to convey information which causes fear, intimidation, humiliation, distress or other harm to another person; ...

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