PNCR election results for top four are in; decrees Norton is presidential candidate, will “solely” decide on someone else

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Mr Vincent Alexander

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) on Monday confirmed that incumbent party leader, Aubrey Norton was returned unopposed and the Chairman and two Vice Chairmen were re-elected.

The 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress also passed a resolution that Mr Norton “shall be the party’s presidential candidate for the next General and Regional elections” and only he could decide whether someone else should be the candidate.

“Be it further resolved that the elected Party Leader is solely empowered to decide, if he or she so chooses, on other possible choices or arrangements for Presidential Candidate,” states the resolution. The Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader, Nigel Hughes had said that he would be available to be the opposition’s consensus presidential candidate

The Congress Administrator, Sherwyn Benjamin had said that there were just under 2,000 delegates, in contrast to Returning Officer Vincent Alexander’s announcement that the number of eligible voters was approximately 1.300 votes. The PNCR said in a statement on Monday that 1,300 delegates representing 218 groups were accredited and they came from Guyana’s 10 administrative regions, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mr Alexander announced that of the 1,066 votes cast Mr Norton secured 1,040 votes. The Congress Administrator on Sunday explained that the position of leader was put to the vote because, according to Returning Officer, Vincent Alexander, leader nominees Roysdale Forde and Amanza Walton-Desir did not formally withdraw from the race. Mr Carl Greenidge and Ms Volda Lawrence declined nominations for the position of party leader.

For the position of Chairman, out of 976 votes cast Shurwayne Holder won 844 votes.

Mr Alexander did not say how many votes were cast for the position of Vice Chairman, but a party official was seen on a video announcing to party members at Congress Place that 1,568 votes were cast for those two positions for which there were nine nominees.

Both that official and Mr Alexander said that Vinceroy Jordan 663 and Elizabeth Williams-Niles 669 votes. For the position of Treasurer, Mr Elson Lowe got 978 votes of the 1,061 votes cast for him, the Returning Officer said.

He said the count for the 15-member Central Executive Committee (CEC) was “prolonged” because there were 60 contestants.

The June 28-30 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress was held under the theme “Forming the next government: building a just, inclusive, and prosperous society for all”.

According to the PNCR, Mr Norton, in his presentation, described his Party’s people-centered vision as a contract with Guyana that “puts people first and will utilize the resources of Guyana to achieve the ultimate goal of providing a high-quality life to the people of Guyana through the direct and indirect transfer of resources to our people, to educate them, support their mobilization of resources to work, and for investment with the aim of alleviating and ultimately eradicating poverty while simultaneously resulting in the sustainable development of all communities and sectors of the Guyanese society, as well as the promotion of good governance and the creation of a just and prosperous society.”

 The Congress examined several motions that were brought by local and overseas Party groups. Motions called on the Party to work towards establishing racial unity in Guyana, ensuring the implementation of its people-centered vision, and providing transportation to support the Party’s work in the Hinterland regions, among other matters.