PNCR promises youths money-for-training, “significant” cost of living grant

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 June 2024, 14:22 by Writer

A section of attendees at the opening of the PNCR’s 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress in June, 2024.

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) on Friday promised that 50,000 youths would receive GY$50,000 monthly while they are being trained to create employment if that party is elected to office in next year’s general and regional elections.

“We intend, in government, to execute our 50/50 youth programme, in which we will give 50,000 youths $50,000 a month while training them to improve their skills and to make themselves marketable!” PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton told the opening of that party’s 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress which is being held from June 28 to 30 under the theme ““Forming the next government: building a just, inclusive, and prosperous society for all.”

He did not say how long such a grant scheme would run for and if there would be any conditionalities for receiving that grant. He said a PNCR-led administration would focus significantly on training and educating young people while opening employment and business opportunities for them. “We believe that youths are not a problem; they are resources to develop,” he said. He sought to assure party faithful and the wider Guyanese electorate that the PNCR would place youth development high on its agenda and revisit our national youth policy with the aim of adapting it to the present situation.

Turning his attention to the need for Guyanese to earn more from the oil revenues, he promised a “liveable income” and a large cash grant but mentioned no figures. “In terms of living standards, we are going to raise those at the bottom up and expand the numbers of those in the middle class. Guyanese households and families will see meaningful changes on their dining tables, in their food cupboards, purses, wallets,
and bank accounts. This will be complemented with a significant cash grant to households that are predictable and accounted for,” he said.

If elected to government in 2025, he said the PNCR would raise the pension of workers who have long retired and are earning a
pittance by today’s cost of living levels. “We will raise their pension so that they have the means to survive in the present difficult economic situation,” he said.

Mr Norton said a PNCR-led administration would increase training for the Guyana Police Force so that it can solve crimes, boost confidence in that law enforcement agency and eliminate corruption as part of a package of measures to ensure a secure and safe society. “We have to root out corruption from the Guyana Police Force while increasing its competence levels. Guyanese deserve to live in a safe and secure society,” he said.

The PNCR Leader has over the past two years said that his party in government would craft a comprehensive early childcare and education system with monthly child allowances and longer maternity leave, a national transportation network to take children to school, a school nutrition programme that includes two hot meals; a genuinely free university with student stipends; free or cheap water and electricity for lower-income households; rent assistance and rent-to-own housing schemes, and higher salaries and pensions, among other measures.