David Patterson steps aside for Nigel Hughes to contest as Leader

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 20:25 by Writer

Mr David Patterson has agreed to step aside and make way for Nigel Hughes to contest for the position of Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), the party said Wednesday night.

Mr Sherod Duncan, who received the highest nominations – 15 – for the post of party leader, still in the race for the top post, is expected to face off with Mr Hughes who was nominated by two party groups.

The AFC said Mr Patterson, who also received two nominations for the post of leader, has agreed to be nominated as party chairman. If he wins, he will replace Mrs Catherine Hughes.

After lengthy and robust discussions, Mr Patterson and Mr Hughes said “we are of the opinion that in the best interests of the AFC and country that we ought not to compete against each other but present a united front.

Mr Patterson said he has agreed that Mr Hughes would accept the nomination for AFC Leader while he would decline nomination for that position.

“I fully endorse Nigel Hughes as the best candidate to lead the AFC at this time as we head into the 2025 Regional and General Elections. I am confident that with his leadership, our victory at the polls will be guaranteed,” said David Patterson.

“I am deeply appreciative of the great sacrifice made by David Patterson to decline the nomination for Leader. David has given outstanding service both at the party and national levels. I look forward to our joint united collaboration in building a stronger AFC and a modern Guyana. The AFC is and has always been the most inclusive political party and I am humbled to accept the nomination to lead this great party .”

Mr Duncan currently serves as General Secretary of the AFC.