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P.S. Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas-Meerabux moved from Home Affairs to Labour

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 August 2023, 14:51 by Denis Chabrol

Ms. Mae Toussaint Jr.-Thomas-Meerabux

Permanent Secretary Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas-Meerabux has been moved from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Ministry of Labour, according to a statement by the Office of the President.

She is among six Permanent Secretaries who have been reassigned.

Notably, Mr Dereck Cummings has not been mentioned, but the Office of the President said Mr Alfred Roland King is now Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister;

The shifting of  Ms. Thomas-Meerabux from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Labour Ministry came four months after United States authorities seized her mobile phone as she was traveling to China on People’s Progressive Party business. She is a member of the ruling party.

Ms Thomas-Meerabux’s American visa was also revoked and she opted to return to Guyana via the United Kingdom.

President Ali appoints Permanent Secretaries to eight ministries

The Office of the President also said President Ali has appointed two new Permanent Secretaries- Ms Adele Diane Tricia Cole-Clarke to the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Mr Miguel Shaun Choo-Kang, former Head of Regional Planning in the State Planning Unit of the Ministry of Finance, to the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Also reassigned are Ms Shannielle Hoosein-Outar as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education; Ms Prema Anastasia Roopnarine as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, and
Mr Bishram Kuppen as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Water.

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