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Fly Allways plane returns to Cheddi Jagan Airport after engine failure

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 12:32 by Denis Chabrol

A Fly Allways flight from Guyana to neighbouring Suriname was forced to return to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Monday morning after one of the plane’s engines failed, the Guyana Fire Service said.

Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Retired Lt. Col. Egbert Field said an aviation engineer aboard the aircraft checked the plane and, along with GCAA inspectors, gave approval for the aircraft to leave without the passengers.

He said the plane, bearing registration marking PZ-TFB, was flown to its maintenance facility in Suriname for a thorough check and possibly repairs.

The Guyana Fire Service said when the plane was at a height of 20,000 feet, the oil pressure dropped below the required limit, causing pressure loss in the right engine, resulting in the pilot putting the failed engine in idle mode.

The Guyana Fire Service said that on receiving an alert at 11:12 AM, firefighters were deployed to await the emergency landing of the aircraft.

“Ten ranks immediately took up their positions and were on standby as a precautionary measure in preparation for any eventuality that could have occurred due to the failed engine. Ranks remained on standby until the aircraft landed safely and all souls on board were evacuated,” the Fire Service said.

Fly Allways is awaiting full regulatory approval to fly the Guyana-Canada route.

Suriname’s Starnieuws quotes the Chief Executive Officer of Fly Allways Michand Jhauw as saying that there was a difference in oil pressure between the two engines and the cockpit crew decided to return to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in accordance with the rules.

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