CANU agents arrested in ‘messy’ diamond theft from Surinamese

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 June 2023, 9:00 by Denis Chabrol

The two pieces of diamonds that CANU agent Annick Hossanah allegedly stole and excreted after he was arrested by police.

Two agents of Guyana’s Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) have been arrested by police after one of them allegedly excreted two diamonds that were stolen from a Surinamese man who was allegedly detained for alleged illegal possession of a firearm, police said.

Investigators said CANU agent Jamine Goddard excreted the diamonds and his colleague, Annick Hossanah, allegedly sold the diamonds to another man. Police said they are yet to arrested the third person who has not been named.

“The two diamonds photographed were swallowed by Goddard who was taken to the hospital where he excreted them while the other suspect admitted that he sold his loot to another individual,” police said.

CANU on Saturday did not provide details of the alleged theft, only saying that two of its agents were in police custody because they were alleged to have “stolen items from an individual who was detained during a CANU operation in Berbice.”