Police ready to support Child Care and Protection Agency’s probe into minister’s alleged sexual assault of teen girl

Last Updated on Saturday, 17 June 2023, 23:58 by Denis Chabrol

Police on Saturday said they would support an investigation by the Child Care and Protection Agency into a government minister’s alleged sexual assault of a teenaged schoolgirl.

“If they actually take it over and do what thy have to do and it is necessary for the involvement of the police in the region, then the police would be involved,” the officer said.

The senior police officer confirmed that the 16-year old girl gave Police a statement in the presence of her parents and  dissociated herself from the posts that implicated the government minister in sexually assaulting her at his residence.

The police officer stressed that it was the girl’s family who brought the matter to the attention of the law enforcement agency, but did not file a complaint against the government official. “It was brought to the attention of the family that someone posted something on Socia Media. However, the family, so far from my understanding, denied any allegation of that nature,” the officer said.

The police officer said at this time “it would be premature for us to say whether there is truth to anything.” He said if a report of sexual misconduct had been made, certain procedures would have followed.

With the Minister of Human Services, Dr Vindhya Persaud stating earlier Saturday that the Child Care and Protection Agency was “carrying out a full investigation”, the police officer promised that the force would lend support to that agency.

The police officer said the Guyana Police Force was investigating the origin of the post and who made it.