GTT-WANSAT satellite internet service to boost health care delivery, education, border security

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 April 2023, 6:41 by Denis Chabrol

L-R Stephen Spengler Board Member WANSAT, Damian Blackburn CEO GTT, Andre Jones CEO WANSAT, Oneidge Walrond Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, William Moseley COO WANSAT, Orson Ferguson COO GTT Business

GTT, Inc. (GTT), a leading provider of technology services in  Guyana and WANSAT Networks Inc. (WANSAT), a Guyanese-owned Internet Service Provider with  a focus on providing satellite broadband connectivity to rural and hinterland areas have announced  the launch of their partnership “Connectivity Anywhere”, a new satellite internet service.

GTT says  the fast, affordable, and reliable connectivity to rural and hinterland areas in Guyana, the new service will enable the Ministry of Health to economically undertake numerous healthcare  initiatives that require connectivity, including critical telemedicine services in the hinterland regions.

Additionally, this new service facilitates distance learning and ongoing online teachers’ training for  the Ministry of Education. Students and teachers will have access to the same level of education and  training, from region one, Barima-Waini, to Region 10, Upper Demerara, Berbice, the company said.

With the service branded as “Connectivity Anywhere,” GTT adds that the government will be able to preserve Guyana’s territorial integrity,  by incorporating real-time video surveillance to address concerns of illegal border crossing and  violations of its territorial waters.

The partnership between GTT and WANSAT will provide much-needed connectivity to communities  that are currently underserved or unserved.

“We are thrilled to launch this new service with WANSAT,” said Damian Blackburn, CEO of GTT. “This  partnership is a significant step towards achieving our goal of providing connectivity to every corner  of Guyana. By expanding our network and leveraging WANSAT’s expertise in satellite technology,  we can now provide reliable telecommunications services to customers in areas that were previously  unreachable,” Mr Blackburn was quoted as saying in a GTT statement.

William Moseley, Chief Operating Officer of WANSAT, added, “Guyana needs reliable satellite  broadband connectivity now, and we are proud to partner with GTT to make this a reality. Our  service will open doors in all sectors of society, from health and education to border security, mining,  and tourism.”