Venezuelans charged with piracy attack on Guyanese fishermen

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 March 2023, 21:10 by Denis Chabrol

Right: Jose Beria,; Top: Aleyandio Valenzuela; Bottom:Renial Valenzuela

Three Venezuelans on Wednesday pleaded guilty to armed robbery under the Hijacking and Piracy Act and were remanded to prison until next week when they would be sentenced, police said.

Those charged are 23-year old Jose Beria, 21-year old Aleyandio Valenzuela and 23-year old Renial Valenzuela all of Capio, Venezuela.

They pleaded guilty to stealing one white fibre glass boat worth GY$600,000, one 15 horsepower outboard engine valued GY$700,000 and one 40 horsepower engine valued GY$1.1 million that are all the property of Rajendra Singh.

Magistrate Sunil Scarce remanded them to prison until May 22, 2023 when they are scheduled to be sentenced. During that court appearance, police said the trio would be trialed for possession of firearms and ammunition without a licence. Police said they found two single-barrel shotguns, one live 5.56 round of ammunition, two arrows and one bow were found hidden in the boat

The incident occurred on March 7, 2023. Investigators were informed that the suspects, who were armed with guns, bows and arrows, attacked the two Guyanese fishermen who were sleeping aboard their vessel which was moored at Waini Point, North West District. One of the fishermen is 24 years old and the other is a teenager.

Police said after the owner informed them about the piracy attack, they and Guyana Defence Force Coast Guardsmen chased the vessel and intercepted it with the trio in Guyanese waters at “Crab Dog” before they entered Venezuelan waters.