Guyanese gold miners shot accidentally during argument; seek assistance from Aurora Gold Mines

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 10:34 by Denis Chabrol

Two Guyanese gold miners were Tuesday shot accidentally when a Venezuelan man and a Guyanese man opened fire at each other during a heated argument, police said.

Those shot are 38-year old Ronell Cleon Trotman of Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara and 30-year old Kurt Arthur of Lot 51 First Alley Wismar, Linden.

After the incident, which occurred at Gold Finger Landing, Cuyuni River at about 9:50 AM, the injured men sought medical assistance from the Aurora Gold Mines (AGM). There, they were treated by medical personnel before they were air-dashed by a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) helicopter.

The chopper landed in Georgetown at about 4 PM and the men were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Investigators were told that at about 10:30 AM the injured men went to the AGM location where they said an identifiable Venezuelan man and an identifiable Guyanese man “had a heated argument which escalated and resulted in them whipping out handguns and discharging rounds in each other’s direction causing bystanders and them to seek cover.”.

Mr Trotman told police that he eventually realised he was shot to right upper arm and Mr. Arthur also realised he was shot to his left thigh.