Harmon, Norton hold talks on Opposition Leader post

Last Updated on Monday, 10 January 2022, 21:03 by Denis Chabrol

Joseph Harmon and Aubrey Norton.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Aubrey Norton held talks on Monday on the decision by that party that Mr. Norton should take over that constitutional post.

Mr. Norton could not be reached for comment as calls to his phones went unanswered, and Mr. Harmon declined to speak about the meeting.

Sources close to the talks say that the two politicians had a “good meeting” and nothing so far has changed.

The PNCR’s Central Executive Committee has decided that Mr. Norton should enter the National Assembly and become Opposition Leader.

Other party sources say that the matter can possibly be taken to the National Assembly where the main opposition parliamentarians will be required to vote on whether they will like Mr. Harmon to be removed from the post as Opposition Leader.

Much, however, depends on whether the current Representative of the List for A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) , David Granger would abide by the wishes of the PNCR which he once led to recall parliamentarians as may be required.

APNU has already stated that it was the APNU+AFC that contested the March 2, 2020 general and regional elections.