Police Force reports on double killing 11 days after

Last Updated on Tuesday, 4 January 2022, 15:08 by Denis Chabrol

Eleven days after  two gold miners were stabbed to death and two others were injured following a drinking spree at Nassano Landing, North-West District, police on Tuesday reported about the incident and said they were looking for two prime suspects

Those killed are 29-year old Sherwin Goddette of Dredge Creek, Upper Pomeroon River and 21-year old Shawn France of Akawini Creek, Pomeroon. Those injured are Hosea Sandy and Devor Stohl called  Jubbu. Stohl was air-dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and remained a patient.

Police identified the suspects in the incident that occurred on Christmas Eve as Kurtland Damon called Cartoe or Bullet and Thomas Kyte called Taco.’

No one has been arrested. Police say they have since buried the bodies and marked the location and direction of the grave so that the bodies could be exhumed at a later date.

Investigators were told that Goddette and France, who were related, were employed by dredge-owner/ gold miner 46-year old Terrence Evans to work on his 4-inch land dredge. After Mr. Evans closed off operation on December 23 and left his workers in their camps, police said that at about 11 AM on December 24, Goddette, Shawn France, 20-year old Hosea Sandy, a 15-year old boy, and 27-year old Kelon Goddette left their camps and went to the landing at Indra’s Shop where they purchased five bottles of Black Stone rum which they later consumes.

Police were also informed that at about 10:30 PM, France had a heated argument with bartender 29-year old Marie Welcome over a bottle of champagne. It is alleged that France became annoyed and pelted the bottle to the ground, and a scuffle ensued among persons at the shop.

During the scuffle, France was allegedly armed with a scissors and attacked everyone at the shop and attempted to stab 35-year old Alvon Claus, a gold miner, and a licenced firearm holder of a .32 Taurus Pistol.

Claus told police that to save himself he discharged a single round in the air after which the fighting ceased.

During the scuffle Devor Stohl called Jubbu sustained a cut to his abdomen which caused his intestine to protrude. According to 15-year old boy, Damon, who is Devor’s father and Kyte, attacked them while they were walking back to their camp stabbing Hosea Sandy about his back and left arm and fatally stabbing Shawn Goddette and Shawn France.