Guyana announces COVID vaccine booster shots

Last Updated on Monday, 22 November 2021, 21:43 by Denis Chabrol

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony on Monday announced the combination formulas for  booster shots of COVID vaccines especially for persons whose body defence systems are vulnerable to infections and have non-communicable diseases like diabetes.

“This is the regimen that we’ll be using so anyone who wants to get their booster can come ti anyone of our facilities and ask for the booster,” he said in his latest update on the viral disease.

  1. Persons with two doses of Pfizer should take a third dose Pfizer
  2. Recipients of Moderna should take another Moderna jab or in its absence, a Pfizer shot
  3. Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine recipients can take a J&J vaccine as a booster shot after 52 days
  4. Recipients of two doses of Sinopharm vaccine should take a Sinopharm booster three to six months after the second dose
  5. Those who have taken two doses of AstraZeneca can take a third dose AstraZeneca, an mRNa or a Pfizer jab six months after the second dose of AstraZeneca
  6.  Sputnik V recipients can take a J&J vaccine

Official statistics show that the Ministry says as of Sunday November 22, 396,042 or 77.2 percent of adults are partially vaccinated against COVID-19 in Guyana with 52 percent or 269,791 or 52.6 percent who are fully vaccinated.

The ministry says there are 19,905 or 27 percent of children ages 12 to 17 years old fully vaccinated and 28,709 or 39.4 percent partially vaccinated.