Total lockdown at University of Guyana

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 12:29 by Writer

The University of Guyana (UG), has imposed a total lockdown of its campuses beginning Wednesday, March 25, to stave off the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19).

This will last until April 20.

The university says it has decided on self-isolation and imposed total restricted physical contact.

The revised measures apply to all staff, students and departments of the campuses.

The institution says it has decided to take no chances with the safety of staff and students as new global information emerges regarding the trajectory of Covid-19.

It has now been 11 days since the first case of Covid-19 (2019 coronavirus) was confirmed in Guyana. The institution’s missive to students says there is no reason to panic.

UG says this period can now be within the vulnerable window in which the infection path can skyrocket or decline.

“But, much of this depends on each of us and what we do to protect ourselves and others,” the university says, noting that “Precaution for prevention is the best defense now”.

UG says it remains open but is instead working off campus as far as possible and continues to work online from secure spaces as far as possible.

Students are asked to check the UG website for all formal communication from the university including emergency contact numbers in the worksafe mode.