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Granger promises to abolish squatting, make estate lands available to retrenched sugar workers

Last Updated on Saturday, 1 February 2020, 11:11 by Writer Presidential candidate for A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC), David Granger Friday night announced that his coalition would introduce a system for sugar estate land distribution to ex-sugar workers and bring an end to squatting. In what appears to be a gradual unveiling of campaign promises just about ...

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BCGI-RUSAL denies violating labour laws, demands blockade removal for workers recall

Last Updated on Saturday, 1 February 2020, 21:52 by Writer The Russian Aluminium (RUSAL)-controlled Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI) on Friday denied breaching the country’s labour laws by laying off 286 workers without notice, saying that it is ready to recall the workers when they lift the blockade of the Upper Berbice River. “Our main message to the ministry ...

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Guyana may block entry of travellers from China amid fears of coronavirus; entrants after Jan 1 urged to visit doctors

Last Updated on Friday, 31 January 2020, 14:53 by Writer In an effort to interrupt the spread of the coronavirus, people travelling from China are likely to be blocked from entering Guyana, and all those who came from that populous East Asian country after January are asked to contact the nearest health facility, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. “Persons ...

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